WTF: So Elikem Paid $25000 to Wife A Woman Everyone Has Seen Her S*X T*pe & Yet Runs His Broken Tailor Business From A Near Collapsed House in Accra Where He Also Lives?

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Elikem and Pokello
Elikem and Pokello

Elikem, 你是一个烂摊子

I wouldn’t want to call this a bad investment—because, there is no investment motive here.

A man can spend as much as he wants on whatever woman he chooses—even if the woman is African’s version of Kim Kardashian with her n*ked videos all over the internet. But if this same man has a struggling small business which he runs from a house any strong winds will pull down, then that man needs mental evaluation.

I am not going say Elikem and Pokello are not married—they claim they are married so let’s grant them that. I just want to consider the sort of investment young Ghanaians do these days using this 25000 dollars Elikem claims to have paid to Pokello’s parents as his Bride Price.

On the lighter side, if you care to know, USD 1 equal 35,000,000,000,000,000  Zimbabwean dollars—and Elikem claims he paid USD25000, which means all the banks in Zimbabwe cannot even convert this amount into Zimbabwean dollars…

Anyway, where Elikem lives in Accra and runs his business from needs this 25000 dollars more than anything—a young man must care about his future. This is why it’s difficult for some people to believe he even paid that much—because, who can sleep comfortably at night in a house which may collapse on him anytime his luck runs out and also run his not booming tailor business on no capital from this same house, but will have 25000 dollars to pay to the already rich fathers of an African p*rn star Kim Kardashian?.

And don’t compare this to Kanye West’s spending because that dude has more money than he can count…

Pokello claim she did not know about the leakage of her s*x tape but considering the fact that Kim Kardashian also claims the same—we think she may have been well aware. They must have all done it for the fame.

Good luck to Elikem for giving 25000 dollars to a rich family (Pokello claims his family is stinking rich) when you and your family live in a broken glass house.


I will kill my son if he ever throws out this sort of investment—especially when the woman’s pu**y has been freely seen by all.

Just type into Google; Pokello’s s*x tape and you wouldn’t pay even a dollar but will enjoy for free what Elikem claims to have 25000 dollars for.

And as a so called fashion designer, whoever designed those outfits must be nailed—if you did it yourself, then cut off your legs…

We dedicate the below song to Elikem…


If you are interested in seeing the outfits Elikem and Pokello wore, flip to the next pages…

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