1 Year After Castro & Janet Bandu’s Disappearance…Asamoah Gyan Has Not Even Called Janet Bandu’s People Or Visited…

Janet Bandu

Janet Bandu

Yesterday marked one year since Ghanaian musician-Castro De Destroyer and his alleged girlfriend disappeared at Ada, during a weekend vacation organized and financed by Ghanaian football star-Asamoah Gyan.

Interestingly, Ghana Police claim they are still investigation the issue—but they have nothing meaningful to tell us yet. We are still left with the crazy superstitions and  speculations.

I was at L.U Barbers yesterday and somehow, this issue came up—with many of the Ghanaians saying, Asamoah Gyan may have used Janet Bandu for a ritual, because what has stopped him from even placing a phone call to Janet Bandu’s family?

Of course the ritual part is a complete BS to me but the truth remains, it’s shocking and confusing that Asamoah Gyan has not even bothered to visit Janet Bandu’s family or at least call them.

Janet Bandu’s father- Staff Sergeant Joe Bandu (retd.), recently stated that, “Asamoah Gyan has not communicated with him since the incident”—and as Ghanaians, this is out of our dealings.

Mostly, when such things happen—even strangers will visit or call to send out their condolences. Here, Asamoah Gyan is not a total stranger, he was the organizer of the event that led to the disappearance of his own ‘best’ friend Castro—and someone (Janet Bandu) that his friend invited.

Once again, why has it become so difficult for Asamoah Gyan to just place a phone call to Janet Bandu’s family? The folks at the Barbershop say, most rituals come with such conditions—you don’t have to show empathy to the victim’s family or help certain people.

What Asamoah Gyan needs to understand is that, forever, his name will be tied to this misfortune—and what he can do as a person is to ensure that certain basic things like calling the affected families to show genuine concern have been done.

How long will it take to make such a phone call? He has enough time to be chopping down his wife and the extras (allegedly in the backside and front side) so he should surely have just 5 minutes to place this call.

It’s pretty sad that one year down the line, we have no helping information on what happened—and deeply sad that Asamoah Gyan has not visited Janet Bandu’s people or at least call them.

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