Film-Maker Leila Djansi Says SKIN BLEACHING is ‘Nothing Bad’ + MORE

Leila Djansi

Leila Djansi

What is fundamentally wrong is wrong, irrespective of whoever is doing it—but in Ghana, something is only wrong when certain people do it and when others do it, it becomes right.

Shockingly, film-maker-Leila Djansi who claims she is all about Africa women empowerment is supporting SKIN BLEACHING, all because it’s Yvonne Nelson who is said to have bleached.

Perhaps, we are lame out here—because, skin bleaching and empowering African women are strong enemies; they can’t even be mentioned in the same sentence.

Despite all the health risks, social risks and image issues skin bleaching brings/perpetuates, Leila Djansi seems to say; if a person bleaches, it doesn’t really matter as long as the person is doing something good.

This is like saying, you can be a racist and it won’t matter as long as you are doing something good at your work place—or you shouldn’t be discussed/blasted even if you bleach, provided you are achieving.

Of course, it’s even more dangerous for people achieving to be bleaching their skins, because, it sends out the notion that; there is some sort of connection between the skin colour alteration and the success. It also enables these people to gain more followers, serving as a role model to many.

But then, this is Ghana, you can bleach all you want (while at it, don’t forget to bleach your bum too) and you shouldn’t be challenged because you are making some good progress somewhere in live.

From whatever angle you look at Leila Djansi’s submission, it’s obvious she is approaching menopause with image crisis and deep confusion, affecting her brain procession power.

The argument; it’s her skin so she can bleach is lame for the very fact that, it ignores the consequential effects of status, influence and reliance.

It’s like you saying, it’s my life so I should be allowed to take it—attempted suicide remains a crime in most jurisdiction.

The far-reaching effect would not have mattered much even if the subject of the argument was not a TV personality that a lot of young people look up to—but then again, in an attempt to perhaps build a friendship, Leila Djansi has lost her common sense….

And what does Ama K. Abebrese and the other celebrities championing anti-skin bleaching campaigns have to say? At least, Leila confirms Yvonne Nelson has BLEACHED.

Flip to the next page to see exactly what Leila Djansi wrote….

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