Baby In China Becomes Blind After A Photo Was Taken Of Him With The FLASH On

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Baby Blinded

This is not something you might ever consider as a danger to your child, but evidently it is.

A family in China are in a sour mood after their baby boy was left blind in one eye due to the harmless act of taking photos.

A family friend who was taking a photo of the child left the flash on, after the phone was positioned about ten inches from the face of the three month old child.

According to Mail Online:

“A baby is left blind in one eye after a family friend forgot to turn off the flash while taking a close-up photograph.

Doctors said the three-month-old, who has not been named, has suffered irreparable damage from the flash of the camera, which was held about 10 inches away from the baby boy.

The parents noticed that there was something wrong with their baby’s vision soon after the photograph was taken.

Following the incident, the baby suffered from reduced vision in his left eye and blindness in his right eye. The damage is said to be permanent and cannot be fixed with surgery.

The strong flash has damaged cells on the macula, which is the part of the eye where incoming light rays are focused.

Damage to the macula can lead to the loss of central vision, which allows people to see straight ahead.

The macula is not fully developed until children are four, meaning youngsters are very sensitive to strong light.

Experts have said that while babies will shut their eyes when exposed to light on reflex, just milliseconds of strong light can cause permanent damage.”


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