VIDEO: A Man Sets Up His Girlfriend’s Friend-Sharon Who Wanted to Sleep With Him & She is Busted N*ked in Ghana + Was He Right to Do This?

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I am not going to post the video which I came cross this morning on social media on here for the obvious indecent nature and family friendly website reasons—but I will provide a link for those interested in watching it to do so at the end of this article.

After speaking to a few people and having read the comments under the video, I sort of gather this is what happened.

A certain Ghanaian man’s girlfriend has been suspecting him of cheating—and he has on the other hand been assuring the girlfriend that even though her own friends especially Sharon wants to sleep with him, he has never been interested in doing so.

So to prove that he is a faithful man and also to show that Sharon (some friends are really evil) is interested in sleeping with him, he gets into several days of conversations with Sharon and makes it known to her that he is interested in having an affair with her.

Not knowing that it was an absurd set up, Sharon agrees to go home with him for a good bang—where the man and his girlfriend plus her other female friends walk in to meet Sharon completed n*ked in bed, waiting for the s*x.

On a serious note, this invokes some sort of “moral maze” question; was it necessary and right that the man did this?

As a man, I have had my own fair share of friends of ex-girlfriend taking a hit one way or the other—but going as far as setting them up is completely insane, in fact, inherently evil. You wouldn’t just become a douche bag for doing this, you would also break friendships—I mean between your woman and her friends.

Of course there are several loose women out there, and the friends of your girlfriend are not immune from the loose pill. But I think a gentleman should just create a big gorge between himself and whichever loose friend of his girlfriend who may be interested in tasting what the girlfriend is enjoying…

It’s this concealed jealous which exists mostly in the circles of female friends that pushes some friends to advise the others bitterly against their men—because, such friends wish they had the man, they wish you were not there or they wish you all become equal, end up with nothing. Mostly, these friends have “nothing” they can call their men—or stable relationships.

On a personal level, my cousin bought into such bitter advice from her bad circle of friends some years ago and she lost her hard working husband—that was even before the era of social media.

Today, many women in relationships proudly flaunt expensive and unique holiday photos on social media, the various decent outings they enjoy with their men are out there on social media for the world to see, including ‘jealous’ friends.

And if these ‘friends’ are not getting that, or cannot even find stable respectable men in their lives—they are just human beings, they will become desirous and the slightest chance they get to throw in an advice will be that meant to end good enviable relationships.

From what I was told, Sharon on several occasions had advised her friend to let the man go because she considered him useless and not serious—but here she was on camera, n*ked and ready to sleep or snatch the same man she defined as unworthy. That is not hypocrisy, it’s nefarious.

The question remains, was it really necessary for the man to set up Sharon in such a disgraceful way only to prove that he is a good man or faithful?

I have somewhat a rigid conscience and SassyChic may find this disappointing but as a man I wouldn’t ever take part in such a demeaning enterprise. At best, I would tell my woman about the unhealthy advances of her friend—that is if the already created gorge could not end her risky ‘preying’.

But to play things this way is profoundly insane. What do you think?


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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