AUDIO: Amanda Acquah in Another Big Trouble? HELL NO | Doctored Audio By Rodney Aboagye & Others to Disgrace Afriyie Acquah’s Wife…

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Amanda Acquah
Amanda Acquah

Amanda Acquah is back in the news with a hovering scandal—we are told the person alleged to be behind her recently leaked n*ked photos which were stolen from her husband phones, called Rodney Aboagye is the same individual peddling this new humiliation.

According to what we are told, Rodney Aboagye used to be a close friend of the husband of Amanda, Black Star player-Afriyie Acquah—and used to supply the footballer with several girls. Apparently, when Amanda and Afriyie married, Amanda advised her husband to cut off Rodney which has made the latter deeply bitter.

Following the cut off pushed forward by Amanda, Rodney Aboagye has become so bitter to the extent that he has sworn to disgrace Amanda and her husband-Afriyie Acquah, Amanda told us.

It is out of this malicious intention that a few days ago, Rodney Aboagye allegedly released some private photos of Amanda, which Amanda sent to his husband—and were stolen from Afriyie’s phone by this friend, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt.

Beyond this, GhanaCelebrities.Com has also been told by Amanda that several efforts have been made by Rodney Aboagye and a certain Jessica Lebene to paint her black—including setting up a fake viber account on their own phones by saving the contact details as her phone number. This way, calls made from those phones via viber come up as though they are from Amanda’s phone owning to the fact that her number has been assigned to the name column.

Yesterday, an audio conversation between Amanda and this same Rodney which we are told was recorded about 3 years ago leaked online—except that, the audio is heavily doctored per what we’ve been told.

Amanda fake viber set up
Amanda fake viber set up

When we received the audio in which a voice like that of Amanda is heard making some shocking claims, we reached out to Amanda and several others to establish its authenticity. It became obvious that there has been a doctoring—and from what Amanda told us, this indeed seems to be the case.

Amanda Acquah has not denied having had conversations in the past with Rodney when they were in talking terms—however, nothing like what was heard in the audio was ever said.

In fact, Amanda said she was equally shocked about the recording—adding that, if she said those things, she wouldn’t deny them. After all, she stood by her infamous Kenpong audio.

For this, the footballer’s wife says, she knows nothing about it—and claims that once again, Rodney Aboagye and his mischievous friends are at work together, just to break her marriage by pouring series of disgrace on her head.

As to why Rodney Aboagye and this Jessica would be so much on her back, Amanda made us aware that, it is not just about the fact that her husband has ditched his friendship with Rodney—Jessica used to be the ex-girlfriend of her husband. And therefore, we all know what some scorned women are capable of doing.

Also, Amanda is dead right that—Jessica has even threatened her husband to leak the footballer’s n*ked photos which the two of them shared during their relationship.

For the audio, it will be inappropriate to publish it when we are told it is heavily doctored…

Afriyie Acquah and Amanda Acquah
Afriyie Acquah and Amanda Acquah


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