VIDEO: Are We That ‘Stupid’ As Ghanaians? | Military Men With Guns Have to Be On Our Heads Before We Clean Our Surroundings?

Ghana Market

Ghana Market

The below video shows everything that is wrong with our mindsets as Ghanaians—and also, everything that is wrong with our law enforcement agencies as well as our leaders…

When we talk about personal hygiene, it pushes into keeping your surroundings clean—be it your home or place of work, including the market if you are a market seller.

And what wouldn’t be difficult for a class one student to appreciate, it seems some grown men and women in Ghana must be pushed with guns before they can bring themselves to acknowledge it.

The video is pathetic in two ways—you can find more than two reasons why it’s sad that this is happening in this day and age but I will limit mine to just two.

First of all, when did it become the duty of ‘men in uniform’ to carry guns around markets in Ghana under the request of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly—purposely to intimidate the market sellers to clear their rubbish or clean their environment?

If the intimidation and the military involvement do not bother you, what about the hovering sense of abuse of power? Someone thinks he can use these military men as his forward runners…

Secondly, how old are these market men and women? How on earth must a grown up individual be pushed with a gun on his or her head before he/she sees the sense in clearing his or her own refuse?

We’ve had several incidents of Cholera in Ghana and even if we can’t take note of the many recorded deaths, what about the recent flood and fire disaster which killed hundreds of Ghanaians—linked to our choked gutters? We never seem to learn and that is the reason why we continue to die like chickens.

It’s pretty sad to see military men holding guns to intimidate ordinary citizens to clean their surroundings—but then, if these people can’t be sensible enough to clean without being coerced, how can we blame the leaders who brought in these soldiers?

Sometimes, it’s so difficult to understand how the Ghanaian mind is wired—somewhat indicating that, the leaders we have in charge of affairs are those we truly deserve…

Anyway, check out the video below…   


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