We Are Single Because Men Are Scared To Approach Us – Actress Gloria Sarfo

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Gloria Sarfo believes many Ghanaian actresses are still single because men are too scared to approach them.

When quizzed by Happy Fm’s Dr. Cann on why most Ghanaian actresses are still single, Gloria dished that many men lack the courage to ask them out because of their status as an actress.

“We don’t have courageous men who are bold enough to approach us but the few that are bold often turn out not to be the right ones for us,” she said.

“We are not refusing to marry because of the controversies that arise after we do; it’s the men who don’t approach us because of certain ideas they have about us.’

The Effiewura actress also added that a lot of Ghanaian actress are devastated and literally cry because they don’t have a man or a child in their life.

‘A lot of Ghanaian actresses sit in their closets and cry just because they don’t have husbands and children in their life,’ she revealed.

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  1. Yes we are scared.. indeed we are scared because ntr) ne ak3ses3m y3 mo d3 dodo.. y’all will end up like KYEIWAA.. hahahahahah.. makaa maka, i dont fear huu.