Anita Erskine Dreams Of Becoming The Richest Woman In Ghana In The Next 5 Years

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Anita Erskine
Anita Erskine

Indeed hard work pays and Ryan Shupe will tell you to dream big as the ocean, blue.

And that’s exactly what Ghanaian TV Presenter-Anita Erskine believes….

Multi-talented Anita who is a Producer, Presenter, Writer and also an actress, believes she can become wealthy in the next five years.

Anita ‘the dreamer’ who disclosed her ambitions to Showbiz did not give clues as to how she intends to work her way to top the richest women list in Ghana but she said;

“Hard work pays and I know why I say in the next five years, I will have a lot of cash in my bank account and become one of the richest women in Ghana. It is everyone’s goal to aim high and I am seriously working towards that.”

The Making of a Mogul presenter also spoke about the support she gets from her husband as career oriented woman and how she feels when issues pertaining prostitution crops up.

“At the moment I will not say I am rich but very comfortable where I am now but in five years’ time I can call myself a very rich woman.

“My husband is my everything. He is my brother, my father, my adviser, my food I eat and everything I think of. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

“I feel so ashamed whenever the issue of prostitution comes up because they have no body to guide them. I have actually started moving from one school to the other to educate young girls on the need to stay focused in life and achieve good things in life,” she averred.

There are several ways a person can become rich but considering how decent Anita Erskine is, we hope she is talking about a decent money making scheme—and not the Victoria Hammah style.

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