SOCIAL MEDIA: Meet the Beggar Who Asked for 1 Dollar Not Knowing He Was Wearing Kanye West Clothes Worth Over $1000

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The Joke of the Century
The Joke of the Century

Trust social media to give you a good laugh any day—and this particular joke still takes a sweep at Kanye West’s clothing line-Yeezy, which became the talk of the internet when it made the runway for the second time a few days ago at the New York Fashion Week.

BrutallyUncensored.Com weighing in on Kanye’s clothing line at the time wrote;

“Kanye West has lost a lot of things including his sense of fashion and yet the rapper continues to make headlines with his ‘hideous’ clothing line—with the latest being his runway showcase at New York Fashion Week.

Since Kanye is the man behind that ‘Yeezy 2’ clothing line, he easily filled his runway session at the New York Fashion Week with stars—but his clothing line ended up being branded ‘hideous’.

That is even being generous with words—because his fellow rapper-Ice Tee said they honestly looked like “future slave gear.” And we are yet to meet anyone who disagrees.”

The website concluded that; “All over the world, fashion has become something weird—we’ve substituted creativity with cheap silliness, pushing decency and beauty out of the room.”

Now that you have the background, the above image of the joke with price tags should surely make sense to you.

Don’t confuse the the photos—the above is said to be that of an “actual homeless person” and the below photos are the real Kanye West models wearing his expensive stuff…



Kanye West clothing



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