VIDEO: Zimbabwean Prophet Sheperd Bushiri ‘Walks On Air’

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Sheperd Bushiri

Apparently this nutjob of a man shared this video in church to rapturous applause from his congregation.

Many many times you look at the sweeping poverty and underdevelopment engulfing this continent, and you have no choice but to get back to the conclusion that such ready gullibility is not taking us anywhere.

We continue to indulge in religious activity in droves, continue to make any shmuck who invokes godly authority rich beyond his wildest dreams; to no discernible result. Yet the African would not give up religious dogma even if it kills them; a fate the continent is gradually suffering.

This Bushiri is apparently a known ‘miracle worker’, who says he can enter the spirit realm and has a private jet no one is allowed to see. He has made other ridiculous ‘miracles’ in the past, which the church proudly shares on social media.

This time, he claims to ‘walk on air’ in this video. I’ll not even dignify this with an explanation, just like that useless God meme Yvonne Nelson shared about two oceans did not deserve one; because I think any intelligent person can watch it and see what is happening on their own. The fact men like these are able to ascend to any position in society says a lot about what we are.

If we love God so much on this continent, why do we have the poorest nations in the world?

Truly, truly, pathetic.

Watch Bushiri float on air below…


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