Mzbel Vrs Diamond | The Biatches Are Fighting Once Again On Social Media

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri’s recent article titled “CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Afia Schwarzenegger, Mzbel, Delay & Diamond Appiah | the Coarse Square of Nuisance” was not enough to tame these so called Ghanaian Celebrities who have become attention seeking wh*res on social media—because Mzbel and Diamond are once again fighting on instagram.

It’s obvious, these people have a lot of time on their hands with nothing better to do—not even a man they can proudly call their own to f**K, so at best, they will turn at each other, exposing their own deeds and throwing insults.

A few years ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com reported that Diamond Appiah was allegedly deported from UK for fraud/shoplifting—according to a new instagram page solely created to mock Diamond, approved by Mzbel,  she was not only deported but she is also Ashawo (prostitute).

Though Mzbel claims she did not create that instagram page—she says, she actually authorized the creation when two of her fans decided to create it.  And it can also be that, she actually created it herself.

What’s Diamond’s crime this time? Mzbel says Diamond has been creating several fake instagram accounts to attack her on social media. And now, it’s time to fire back.

Surely, these biatches won’t stop this nonsense—and it’s all because they have nothing to do with their lives.

Diamond Appiah
Diamond Appiah

See the below screenshots…

Apparently Diamond Appiah has created an IG account to attack me just bcos I liked a random picture on the explore page which was posted by her, honestly I did not know she posted it, I saw Afia Schwar's pic and assumed it's her post so I liked it without even reading the caption. Diamond mocked me on her page and some fans tried to advice her but it rather got worse! 3 young girls from the UK who happens to be Delay and Mzbel fans DM me to seek my permission to also open this page to fight back and I approved cos I've had enough! It been almost 4years since Diamond started bullying and harassing me over a very simple disagreement, I tried the silence game but it didn't work so well who ever wants to help put a stop to this torture is welcome on this page @diamondappiah_shoplifter it's useless to let u know the account she's using to attack me Cos she will delete, insult and block u anyway

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  1. loooool …concert…thank God i am no star struck…lol now i will have to act and laugh loud when i see our local champi…ei sorry celebrities….herrrh….is this for real