Stars Of The Future Winner-Adina To Resurface | She Says She Is Not Afraid Of Competition

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For what is perceived as a long hiatus from the music scene—after emerging the winner of the 2008 Stars of the Future talent show, Ghanaian-South African singer, Adina Thembi Ndamse has asserted that her absence from the music industry is a strategy to shoot her brand into the limelight in the near future.

The 25-year-old singer told Graphic Showbiz in an interview that, she is not afraid of the tough competition that the new crop of female artistes will give her and that she is strongly coming back…

“I’m happy there are new faces in the industry. I’m concentrating on my career and don’t have time to be checking who is doing what or who I am in competition with. I know for sure I’m not competing with anyone. I’m my own boss,” she said.

“I’m not in any competition with anyone though competition is healthy. I’ m not doing music just for doing sake. I’m not in this simply because I have a good voice or something.

“Music is my life and I do not see myself doing anything else. I’m working so hard at establishing my brand that I don’t need to introduce myself anymore,” she added.

Speaking on what has constituted her break from the music scene, Adina said; “You cannot just get up and start releasing songs. A lot goes into it and for me and my team, we take our time to research and make sure we get things right before coming out.”

“I am not scared about that at all. I look up to big artistes like Beyonce, Angelique Kidjo and others who did music till it was time to raise families and that is the level of commitment I have for my career. I believe that in everything, there is a way out,” she stated on the impact that marriage and child birth could have on her career.



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