Sandra Ankobiah Continues to Ball | Rocks Sophia Webster to the 2015 3Syte Music Video Awards

Sandra Ankobiah

Sandra Ankobiah

Sometimes, the places our celebrities wear their expensive shoes and clothes to are not even worth the rock—you would expect Sandra Ankobiah to wear a beautiful expensive pair of Sophia Webster heels to an event worth the price.

But this is Ghana, you will hardly find any event of high standing with fashion competition taking place—so for folks like Sandra Ankobiah looking to show the world what their wardrobe is made of, any event is good enough for the showcase.

Therefore, over the weekend, Sandra Ankobiah attended the 2015 4syte Music Video Awards probably as the most expensive person in the crowd—wearing her over £500 pair of heels.

Now that Sandra Ankobiah has rocked it, let’s wait for the other celebrities to muddy the fashion with the fakies…F

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John Vardis says:

over 500 pounds? yoo.. next time we see it on your feet again we will remind you that “wa b) repeat”.. ask Yvonne Okoro..

AkosuaGhana says:

Sandra will kill us. This woman is just too much. Let’s wait for Mzbel to also wear her own version lol

belleface says:

Mzbel AkA Mzchina or mztogo line lol fake nkwaaaa

Claude says:

Oh Sandra you wasted such beautiful shoes on that crap event?

GC I was at the show personally and I cannot stress how terrible the show was! Had it not been for stone buoy, shatta wale and DJ black who added some life to the event, I think many ppl would have walked out!

And as for the hosts Dumelo and Jocelyn Dumas, I would like to offer some constructive criticism. Pls being an MC is a serious job, it requires the ability to hold the attention of an audience who have paid money to enjoy an event. You don’t just wake up and think because you have a handsome face(Dumelo) or big booty(Jocelyn) it means you can hold a microphone. I was beyond shocked & disappointed in the hosts. Clearly there was no coordination, no rehearsal, no planning, no zeal….nothing. It was more like try and error hosting. Smh…..

AkosuaGhana says:

Oh it was that horrible? Sorry

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