Hammer of the Last Two Appointed As the National Director of Hiplife and Hip-pop Music at MUSIGA

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Hammer of The Last Two
Hammer of The Last Two

Bice Osei Kuffour popularly known as Obour after winning the MUSIGA presidency for the second time has been busy selecting his executives to help bring into being his vision for the union in the next four years.

He has appointed many great names in the industry to help champion his goals. One of such greats is Hammer of the Last Two, well known for the discovery of great talents such as Obrafuor, Edem, Tinny and the likes.

Hammer has been appointed the National Director of Hiplife and Hip-pop at MUSIGA. To assist him with his duties is PY Addo Baoteng, a onetime co- host of ‘The One Show’ with Joselyn Dumas.

In an interview after his appointment, Hammer outlined a few developments he and his team would be bringing to the Hiplife and Hip-pop fraternity of MUSIGA.

He stated that his primary agenda would be to increase the membership of Hiplife and Hip-pop artistes at MUSIGA. To achieve this, he and his team would do a door to door registration of Hiplife and Hip-pop artistes. They would go into their homes and studios to register them so they become part of MUSIGA. This he believes would make registration easy for artistes who would like to join the union but cannot do so due to busy schedules.

The newly appointed Director of Hiplife and Hip-pop also added that, his outfit would tackle issues related to featuring artistes on songs. He added that workshops would be organized for artistes to be given legal council concerning the ‘featuring clause’. With this knowledge at hand, Hammer is certain that artistes would know when and where to perform a song they featured on.

Event organizers who do not pay artistes their worth have also caught the attention of the ace music engineer. In order to ‘hammer’ them into paying artistes their due, Hammer stated that MUSIGA would make available a universal contract for artistes and event organizers to sign. Organizers who sign the contract without going according to the dictates of the contract will have MUSIGA to deal with.

“MUSIGA will chase event organizers for whatever an artiste is due on behalf of the artiste”, he said.

With majority of musicians in Ghana being Hiplife and Hip-pop artistes according to Hammer, he is convinced that his office would be one of the busiest offices at MUSIGA for the next four years. He concluded that, a press conference would be held to outline his full modus operandi for the years ahead.


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