Film-maker Leila Djansi Says She Regrets Campaigning for NDC | The Pillars of Tribalism Getting Weak?

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Film-maker Leila Djansi
Film-maker Leila Djansi

Ghanaian film-maker based in USA, Leila Djansi says she is currently in Ghana for a short stay—and after facing just a small fraction of the plights of Ghanaians, she has regretted campaigning for the NDC.

Leila Djansi claims her water has not been flowing regularly since she returned and coupled with the hovering hardship, she finds it regrettable that she helped in getting the NDC into power.

Actually, Leila Djansi stated that she does not vote in Ghana yet campaigned for a specific political party to get them in power—somewhat upsetting the political landscape that she really does not have a major stake in.

This should not have reasonable been the case; why campaign for a party in a country where you do not even live or carry a voting right—why help ‘criminals’ get into power when their decisions are less likely to affect you and then only come back to tell the suffering Ghanaians that you are ‘SORRY.’

On facebook, a user asked; what actually made Leila Djansi campaign for the NDC—adding that, it seems plausible to say that she did so because of her tribe, because it’s the same NDC at work; nothing has changed.

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