6 Ghanaian Mixed Race Celebrities And Where Their ‘White’ Parents Are From

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Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

We have a few mixed race Ghanaian Celebrities hovering around in our movie industry—and as such as we can see from their complexion, they have one of their parents being foreign, yet many fans have no idea as to where these parents come from.

Interestingly, it is rumoured that almost all these mixed race celebrities do not really have a relationship or know where their other half vanished to. But at least, they know where their ‘white’ parents are said to have originated from.

These mixed race celebrities have found feet in Ghana because they were born down here and with the other half not being really interested, it’s a matter of one choice—Ghana or no where.

For those who want to know, we’ve decided to put together the known countries of the ‘white’ parents of some of the popular mixed race celebrities for you—they are all not Lebanese as some people think.

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  1. lebanesse are only considered white in but the truth is they are not white n we all know who n where white people are loooool