CHRIS-VINCENT Slams Jay Foley And Lexis Bill For Mocking Abraham Attah’s Oscar Speech: ‘Where Has The Fake Accents Of These Local Champions Ever Taken Them?’

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Young Abraham Attah has been globe-trotting the past few weeks, notching up awards and running in top circles; but it seems for some that is not enough.

Attah presented an award during Sunday night’s Academy Awards in Los Angeles, and had some words to say on the night.

Purportedly perceived as having jumbled some words, Live Fm’s Jay Foley, Joy Fm’s Lexis Bill and MzGee reportedly criticised Attah’s performance on the grandest stage of them all.

In a sharply worded rebuttal to their utterances, GhanaCelebrities.Com editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has laid into these three for their uniquely Ghanaian ‘pull him down’ antics.

The notably hard hitting Agyapong did not mince much words in laying waste to the three, who decided to ignore all the good the young Attah has achieved to concentrate of some perceived mistakes.

He wrote on Facebook:

“I am told Jay Foley of LIVE FM, Lexis Bill of JOY FM and some other human being called MzGee ridiculed young Ghanaian-Hollywood actor-Abraham Attah’s Oscar’s speech because he fumbled and somewhat got his words and sentences wrong.

These people who have not lived more than a year out of Ghana sit on radio with their FAKE accents and have the audacity to laugh at a 15 year old; once a street vendor who today mingles with some of the biggest international stars of our time.

Apart from seeing Leo, Stallone and others on TV; where would any of these people reasonably ever see them?

Where has the fake accents of these local champions ever taken them?

Beyond Accra where lack of interesting competition makes them feel they are on top, what has been their achievements?

Ironically, Jay Foley went to just BET last year as a ‘lame’ third world reporter and returned to Ghana as a god, proud of this insignificant accomplishment.

Yet he reportedly ridiculed a 15 year old who has been to places that his generation to come may only dream of.

And Lexis Bill, really? You actually did that?

A single movie opportunity and Abraham Attah has won almost every big award he was nominated for—his first Oscar appearance and he was made to present an award at the biggest award show in the world.

Out of his first Oscar appearance, he made a deal with TOMS on the basis that he would wear their shoes for Academy Awards and they will provide 10,000 pair of shoes for needy children in Ghana.

In just a year, the boy has been mentioned by every reputable media outlet out there—from BBC to CNN, via MailOnline and the others.

And you people mock him for some sentence displacement?

Lexis Bill, it was only this year that you had the opportunity to visit London—Abraham has visited every city that matters.

You went to take a look at the BBC building while you were in London and it was a big deal for you and the various Ghanaian media houses who published photos. Abraham does not go to look at buildings, he is chased for interviews—and he is recognised for his superior talent.

‘Jada Smith Pinkett did not even receive an Oscar invitation’ but Abraham did..

Earlier today, GhanaCelebrities.Com reported on actress-Yvonne Okoro confessing on instagram that, Abraham Attah is living her dreams and that of all her colleagues. They’ve all been wishing for this their entire career and the boy from no where, with little education and absolutely no background in movies just got it—and you people cut him down?

I will be going to the biggest film festival in the world, the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France in a few weeks and guess what, I will proudly be talking to everyone who bothers to make a conversation with me about Abraham Attah. Because, they would have heard of him, seen him and admired his brilliance—from the biggest Film Critics in the world to the Film-makers, Stars and Enthusiasts.

You people, who knows you beyond your frequencies that do not even reach Togo?

Charley; let me leave it! What a bunch of losers…

Off to watch Marco Polo!”

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