Charter House’s George Quaye Says Critics Were Harsh On Jay Foley As He Was Not Wrong In Mocking Abraham Attah- Chris-Vincent Responds

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George Quaye
George Quaye

One would think that after the near unanimous condemnation of the acts of the three musketeers, and their own tacit admission of guilt by all apologising within 24 hours of the furore- we could all call this a day and move on.

But Charter House mouthpiece Georege Quaye, after listening to the Jay Foley portion of the tape, declared that people were wrong to criticise Jay Foley, as he found nothing wrong with it.

On Facebook Wednesday, he wrote that he thought the criticism leveled at the Live Fm presenter was totally unfair, calling for people to lay off Foley.

GhanaCelebrities.Com editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, who was one of those who hit hardest at the three for making fun of a burgeoning asset for Ghana, responded on Facebook with a typical hard hitting riposte.

According to Chris, George’s response doesn’t take into account the shame children can feel upon being ridiculed. He mentioned it was also a little preposterous to be making a case for Jay Foley, when he has realised his fault and apologised for it—presumably to lay the entire issue to rest.

Seems we aren’t done with this ‘controversy’ after all…

Read Chris-Vincent’s Facebook post in response to George Quaye below…

So George Quaye of Charter House says, Jay Foley did not do anything bad or wrong and everyone is perhaps stupid to be trolling him—that he did not mock Abraham Attah in anyway.

This is what he just wrote;

“I just listened to the Jay Foley audio and frankly I’m very disappointed that people came so hard at him for that comment. Really???? What on earth did he say wrong? Or could it be most of the people that commented and insulted hadn’t listened to the tape? I’m yet to hear that of Lexis Bill…but seriously let’s give Jay Foley some air to breath. Dude said nothing that should merit all the crap that’s been thrown at him. Totally unfair. Really????????? Smh.”

How many kids has George Quaye gotten? I pray one of them fumbles somewhere, somehow or has some weakness and then an adult should pick on that weakness on national radio.

If nothing at tall, an act which has somewhat compelled this young man to explain himself, his weakness, his embarrassment and state of mind to the world ought to be condemned and not be disturbingly defended.

Also, it’s just preposterous that though Jay Foley himself has come out to apologize, accepting that he was in the wrong for that needless mimicking of the boy’s weakness on radio, you sit on Facebook to claim—YEAH YEAH, he did nothing wrong. And perhaps, you also mean, he should have not even apologized.

Of course he did nothing wrong; you probable have no understanding of mocking—your kids or siblings have not been mocked before by anyone, especially an adult.

I do not only find it distasteful, but also vicious that another grown man will jump on the issue as this stage, not to take note of the fault of his shameful friends, but to DEFEND their gross disrespect and humiliation of this young man.

Pray this does not happen to any of your children—no adult should be allowed to mimic the weakness of a child.

And no adult should be allowed to create humour or whatever insane deduction from the confusion, panic, accent or fumbling of any child, let alone such an achieving young man-Abraham Attah.

Now let me educate you on the meaning of MOCKING; “to ridicule by mimicry of action or speech”

That’s exactly what your friends did! Give us a damn break…

This is what kills the self-esteem of children. This is a child, a MINOR, we are talking about and you don’t it.

When you were doing that 2 by 4 Taxi Driver, playing Aboagye, even that we respected you and did not mock you—as an adult.

Yet, in your right adult sense, you think it’s nothing for a child to be mocked by adults when they themselves know they did wrong. For nothing really bad the child did—except his accent and fumbling.

-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

I just listened to the Jay Foley audio and frankly I’m very disappointed that people came so hard at him for that…

Posted by George Quaye on Wednesday, 2 March 2016

So George Quaye of Charter House says, Jay Foley did not do anything bad or wrong and everyone is perhaps stupid to be…

Posted by Chris-Vincent Agyapong on Wednesday, 2 March 2016


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