Chris-Vincent Schools George Quaye of Charter House: ‘Shadowing Anything Wrong is As Wrong As the Act’

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has been fighting a ‘fierce’ battle on social media—which has led to justice and apology for Ghanaian-Hollywood star, Abraham Attah—who became a subject of radio ridicule by Jay Foley of Live Fm, Lexis Bill and MzGee of Joy Fm.

Though the above radio personalities have apologized after social media went GAGA on them, surprisingly, Charter House’s PR-George Quaye jumped into the conversation yesterday to defend Jay Foley— saying, he did nothing wrong and should not have apologized.

Chris-Vincent took him on and stated among other things that it was inappropriate for anyone to defend these people and say they did nothing wrong, especially when they themselves have apologised.

George Quaye then returned with another long post which has attracted an epic schooling from Chris-Vincent.

It’s sad why anyone would defend such a vile act against a boy of 15 years.

But this is Ghana, where KKD had shamefully his way with a girl as young as his last child and some people still shamelessly came out to his defend, arguing that he had not committed any moral or legal offence…

Read below Chris-Vincent’s schooling of George Quaye;

So George Quaye is still talking but this is going to be my last post in reference to him—because, obviously, he doesn’t deserve my time.

He says I should not have reported the Jay Foley, Lexis Bill and MzGee’s mockery of Abraham Attah—and by reporting it, I made it worse.


So 3 adults sit on national radio and ridicule a MINOR and you think I should not have made the world aware of this, to forcefully fetch a deserving apology for the young boy?

This is the reason why Ghana is in a grand mess, and things do not seem to be returning to trail any time soon.

People do whatever they want and others help in perpetuating the absurdity by shadowing them, by not exposing them or reporting them.

Perhaps, your version and understanding of journalism tell you that, leave bad deeds in the dark—when someone mocks a child, don’t report it, or don’t let the world know about it.

When someone commits an offend too, don’t mention it because by doing so, it will bring the issue to the table of the world.

If you want to know, it’s my right—and in this case, even a duty to report such actions of people and help fight for justice for those who deserve it.

You said, the 3 people made the mockery on radio and I took it off to a different level—you speak as if goats and sheep were those listening to JOY and LIVE at the time. These are well listened to radio stations, yet you sensibly believe, no one would have heard of the issue until I reported it.

How did I hear about it all the way in London? Of course, Obinim appeared in my dream to inform me.

Your logic is interesting but it definitely tells a lot about your standing, your intellect and perhaps your attitude too.

Shadowing anything wrong is as wrong as the act. Knowing or hearing of anything wrong done without reporting it somewhat makes you an accessory.

And the fact that Abraham Attah probably wouldn’t have heard the presenters on radio does not make it right or does not mean it should not have been reported. These people would have gone on to do it again, maybe not to Abraham Attah the next time but to some other child.

Do you have an idea the number of children who kill themselves each year because some bullies ridicule, bully or mock them at the blind side of things?

About 4500 children commit suicide every year because of such acts. And many others lose their self-esteem to this.

It’s pathetic how some of us reason.

“In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.”-Czesław Miłosz.

Perhaps, I should add this; “A writer is one who communicates ideas and emotions people want to communicate but aren’t quite sure how, or even if, they should communicate them.”-Criss Jami. That’s what I did!

And I guess you’ve not heard this from Edmund Burke too; “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

At least, beyond Abraham Attah, we know every radio or TV presenter in Ghana will now think twice before making a mockery of any child. That’s how a civilized society ought to be like. If they did this anywhere in a ‘civilised world’, they would have probably be out of jobs by now.

Please cut down that hogwash of they did not do it with malice or whatever; who is the determinate of malice here? You, me, Abraham Attah or those who did the wrong? When it comes to a child, malice is an irrelevant ingredient—being reckless, stupid or negligent is enough.

As I said, I am done with you and your twisted logic! Look around you in Ghana and ask why are we at this stage; and the answer is, because people like you fail to REPORT or TAKE ON corruption, the bad deeds of people, injustice and all the hovering absurdities.

Let me add that, no one is saying you can’t ridicule people in life; in fact, I co-own a popular satire blog which does this so well. But ridiculing a CHILD is a big NO NO.

If they did this to Jackie Appiah or any of the adults, I would have probably joined in the ridiculing, no matter how offensive it would have been—because that’s the essence of free speech.

However, to a MINOR—HELL NO!

So George Quaye is still talking but this is going to be my last post in reference to him—because, obviously, he doesn…

Posted by Chris-Vincent Agyapong on Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Radio: The technology that allows for the transmission of sound or other signals by modulation of electromagnetic waves….

Posted by George Quaye on Wednesday, 2 March 2016


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