Bukom Banku Says President Mahama Has Made Ghana As Beautiful As South Africa, Egypt And Dubai

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Ghana’s ambassador to Germany in waiting, Braimah Kamoko, has called on Ghanaians to have more patience with the President because he is doing a lot of good work.

According to the boxer, who’s more commonly referred to as Bukom Banku, the President has made the country as beautiful as ‘South Africa, Egypt and Dubai’ through his infrastructural developments, and that if we give him a second term he would put money into our pockets and turn this country into America.

Banku vocally campaigns for the President and his party, and speaking on Accra Fm Friday, he argued that after beautifying the nation (making it look as beautiful as the aforementioned nations), the President should be given a second term to put money in our pockets.

“You will feel money in your pockets.” He said, of a potential second term for the President. “Let the president make Ghana beautiful before the money comes into the country… Let John Mahama make the country like Egypt, Dubai, America, before you get money in your pockets.”

“John Mahama has made Ghana very good…, just support Mahama to make Ghana better for us,” he continued.

The boxer was also quizzed on whether his support for the government was based on an expectation of some reward, be it monetary or otherwise, but he denied that. According to him, he had his own wealth before supporting the President, and he takes care of himself by holding several other jobs besides boxing.

“No politician takes care of me. I have plenty children, and I take care of all of them. I am an MC, I do everything.

When the boxing is not [happening], I emcee. [I am] a boxer, politician, musician. I do not need a politician’s money before I can [survive]. I had my own money before supporting John Dramani Mahama. He added.

Banku went on to add that by the grace of God, his father (the President) would win the upcoming election.

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