Meet the Young Beautiful Ghanaian Selling Her N*de Photos for 150 GHS & Videos for 200 GHS | We Are Told Business is Booming for Her

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We can blame this on unemployment or immorality—but we wouldn’t go there, we will simply say some young Ghanaians are becoming shockingly creative, exploring the desires of the people around them to make some good money.

From the moral and legal quarters, this could be wrong but with a huge percentage of the Ghanaian population undeniably obsessed with n*de leakages and adult content, this young Ghanaian beauty has decided to serve the black market with her own photos and videos.

The self-pimp has created a group which she teases those who chance or intentionally visit it with a half-n*de photo, under which she lists her “impressive” services and charges.

And according to what GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told, business is booming—several Ghanaians are paying her for photos and videos.

Apparently, if you want to dictate to her how the shot should come or what she should do for you, bespoke or tailored for your unique satisfaction, the charges are a little higher. You can even tell her what to say in a video or wear and she will do exactly that.

This service may not be unique online but definitely, this is the first we are hearing in Ghana.

We’ve learnt payments are made by mobile money before the photos or videos are delivered via the free encrypted messaging system-Whatsapp.


A guy who claims to have patronised the service of the person behind this group has written in to say, the displayed photo used is not actually the person who delivers the service. He claims, he got a n*de photo for 150 GHS but the photo came without a face, and the person in the photo surely was a little bigger in size and in the boobie department than the photo above, used for the marketing.

He adds that, the background of the photo, the room where the photo was taken was clearly somewhere in Ghana.


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