The Hypocrisy Of Ghanaians | Betrayed By My Best Friend Who’s A Sakawa Boy




It’s a known fact. We’re the biggest hypocrites to walk the face of the planet. If hypocrisy was an invention, we would be credited with inventing it. Look around you and tell me I am lying. The first time I read a tweet on the hypocrisy of us as a people, I was deeply offended. How dare that twitter user. How dare him belittle the entire country just because he had encountered a hypocritical few. It didn’t take me a long while for my eyes to be opened (yes, the holy spirit did that) to the deep truth.

The merriam-webster dictionary defines a hypocrite as a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs. Obinim, Opambour, Owusu Bempah, Captain Smart. Do any of these names ring a bell?

I bet they do, they ring a bell of hypocrisy. I am mad because my ex bestfriend (yes! EX) has joined the bandwagon of this great national canker. I was doubtful of the whole “God” madness but his actions has given me a definite reason to move further away from the church.

A little back story to help you understand my frustrations.

My friend ( let’s call him Jason) is a fraud boy. I mean internet fraud. Sakawa if you didn’t get me the first two times. A fraud boy who has started going to church all of a sudden.

Given his life to Christ, done everything that pertains to a supposedly good Christian. He hasn’t stopped with his internet fraud dealings though, and I’ll bet my life on it he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Yet he is on my neck to follow him to church.

Claiming God has blessed him immensely since he started going to church. Can you believe it? Blessed him to defraud innocent people of their hard earned money? That doesn’t look like a God I would want to worship. It has gotten really bad to the extent that we are no longer talking.

If hypocrisy was college, he would probably be the Chancellor, assisted perhaps by Obinim. The events of these past few weeks has taken it’s strain on our relationship. Made me think through my years of association with him and realised this is not actually his first hypocritical stance. I’ve started to watch the people around me and I’ve realised how deep this disease ( yes, hypocrisy is a disease) is consuming us.

Let me leave you with this quote by Dr T.P.Chia— A hypocrite is more dangerous than a dishonest man. A dishonest man deceives and cheats, and a hypocrite betrays and swindles.

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