Trendsetters: Meet Cherry Ayine Whose Style is Best Described As ‘Proactively Decent’

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GhanaCelebrities.Com is teaming up with many of our style enthusiasts, fashionistas and glamorous beauties to kick start a new interesting column called; Trendsetters.

For this column, we are accepting photos from anyone who believes he or she has a style or a beauty to share with the rest of the world—-people who believe they can inspire others with their sense of style and set trend should E-mail us not less than 5 photos of themselves, showcasing their style.

Interested persons should send their photos with a short message about themselves and style to; or via WhatsApp +447837576037.


Cherry Ayine lives in Accra, Ghana and she is 24—-someone who thinks what you wear defines you and gives others a first impression about you.

I am a former student of Ghana Technology University. I love Fashion but I don’t follow Trends. I wear what suits my body type. My favourite fashion colours are sea blue , black and n*de because they bring out my complexion. They make me look brighter.

I work out a lot to keep myself in shape because on a normal day you would see me in fitted/bodycon dresses. So I always try as much as possible to keep my stomach in shape (flat).

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