$73m For A House And $1.3m Annual Clothes Budget – Check Out The Obscene Divorce Settlement Demands Of Supermodel Christina Estrada

the cute couple

the cute couple

On the one hand, she was married to a Saudi sheikh, and those obnoxious, mysoginistic sons of b*tches are super rich.

On the other hand, anybody who demands $1.3m a year for clothing whilst claiming ‘this is the life I’m used to’ can go to hell.

A former high class supermodel, Christina Estrada, is making the whole world gasp with astonishment with the kinds of demands she is making in her divorce settlement with Saudi sheikh Dr Walid Juffali.

The pair were married for 13 years when Estrada filed for divorce because Juffali married another woman. As a Saudi sheikh, that was something he was allowed to do under their nation’s Sharia code.

But Estrada took that to file for divorce, and is making obscene demands in the process. She has rejected an initial $49m settlement, saying that’s not enough for her daughter and herself to maintain the kind of life they’re used to.

Instead, here’s what she wants, according to the Daily Beast..

In court, Estrada stated her demands for “$73 million for property and a $1.3 million-a-year clothes budget, including 53,000 for fur coats, 146,000 for haute couture dresses and $28,000 for shoes every year.”

Estrada broke down when she related her and Juffali’s daughter telephoning her to say, “Mummy, you are going to make me a poor girl.”

In astonishing exchanges over what Estrada felt was acceptable accommodation, she said she’d found a home in London’s Eaton Square for $73 million that would cost another $8.7 million to decorate as she wished.

Another property, costing $8.7 million was dismissed because it would have meant Estrada would have had to share a floor with her staff.

She needed $37,000 for Wimbledon tickets, and $13,300 to attend Sir Elton John’s annual white tie ball.

Estrada’s list of demands included a further $5.9 million dollars needed for a country home, and almost $454,000 for staff. $647,000 to rent a yacht for two weeks, $6,439 to tip the crew, $330,000 for a Paris holiday at the Presidential Suite at the Ritz, plus $99,000 for the nanny’s room; as well as many other thousands of dollars for a vacation in the south of France, beauty treatments, luxury handbags, casual handbags, clutch handbags, mobile phones, new suitcases, face cream, and sunglasses.

Estrada claimed she was “standing up” for women in fighting for case, and regardless of how luxurious her lifestyle sounded insisted hers was a “hard life full of responsibilities.”

Yeah, right. “responsibilites”

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