GC Exclusive: Ghanaian Actor/Producer Who Was Once the Best Friend of Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor CONFIRMS Indeed the ‘Man of God’ CHOPS DOWN His Church Members + Says He Was Never the Person Behind the Story Coming to Media (New Damning Audio Evidence Released)

Eddie Nartey

Eddie Nartey

A few days ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com reported a story of a woman who claims Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor of Destiny Empowerment Chapel International, a supposed man of God has allegedly be sleeping with the female members of his church, including herself and has even got her pregnant three times which under his instructions and cost payments, all the pregnancies were aborted.

After that publication, another woman-an ex girlfriend of Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor came out to say, indeed Taylor sleeps with his church members and she got to know of this while they were dating—something that somewhat led to the breakdown of their relationship.


Now, Ghanaian actor/producer-Eddie Nartey has been forced to speak by speculations that he is the man behind the Taylor’s scandal making it to GhanaCelebrities.Com —an accusation the actor is unhappy about and vehemently discredits.

He has written to GhanaCelebrities.Com to clear his name and explain things further—also confirming that, indeed Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor, a man he used to be close friends with chops down his church members as the women have stated.

In fact, he says while they were best paddies, he “escorted him [Prophet Taylor] to many of those escapades which looking back I deeply regret and I have asked for Forgiveness from God already.”

Bernard Taylor

Bernard Taylor

Read Eddie Nartey’s E-mail below and check out the attached audio and screen shots….

Dear Chris,

I was planning my next movie until my name was dragged into this unfortunate incident of prophet Bernard Taylor. It has given some journalist and many Ghanaians the license to insult, curse & judge my personality over the Internet but TRUTH is just one.

It has been speculated that myself, another pastor and a third party are involved in this. I want to state categorically clear that I don’t have anything to do with this unfortunate incident.

Indeed I have been in the know of this adulterous affairs between Taylor and many members of his church including this very story that broke the Internet. I was once his right hand man for a year (2014-2015).  So if I say I KNOW TRUST ME I KNOW!!

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I have escorted him to many of those escapades which looking back I deeply regret and I have asked for Forgiveness from God already.

But It is quite unfortunate that prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor and his elders will falsely accuse me to tarnish my image. Do they want me to TALK??!! Is it because I KNOW TOO MUCH what goes on there that’s why they are dragging my name in??

Yes I know A LOT but its none of my business ANYMORE. What will I gain from it? Who am I to judge?

Chris, I have my own cross to bare so I don’t judge people. It is his life, it is his choice.

The lady in question says I met her and stole the screen shots? I haven’t seen her in ages. I have had some of the chat between her and Taylor but I never sent it to anyone even before this news broke the Internet.

She sent them to me. Here is a screen shot of it.

I have had an audio of her telling me Prophet Taylor’s intention for another pastor But I haven’t bothered to send to anyone cuz it’s not my business. If I want to send anything to the media, I will send things like this.

It is sad for a prophet to tell lies. I never asked him for money to produce a movie. NEVER. I did BEAUTIFUL RUINS out of my own pocket.

I’m shocked he won’t say sorry to his congregation And turn to God, he is pointing fingers. No wonder everyone who knows about his deeds have left the church.

I will continue to Pray for him so that; HE FINDS GOD SOON.


Tay5 Tay3 Taylor2


From: Eddie Nartey / Ghana


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