Ex-Church Member of Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor Writes: ‘I Personally Know Him & He Sleeps With Even Married Women from the Church’

Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor

Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor

Hello Vincent,

My name is Evelyn Akua Smith, I hope you’re doing fine? I am also fine by God’s Grace.

I’ve read the many articles about Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor on your website and I must highly praise you for being bold to bring out the Truth. I like your faith because some of the journalist would have covered the story up.

I personally know this so called prophet and was once a member of his church. He carries himself like he’s next to God and does not respect anyone especially the ordinary people except the rich.

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Can you believe he also sleeps with some married women in our church.

There’s this rich woman who’s married to a top government official, she helped with the establishment of the church and most people in the church knew he was sleeping with her.

I’ve seen/caught them in many unlawful acts and ways. It got to a point where the prophet wife suspected them both and the rich married woman relationship with prophet Afresa Taylor started hitting the rocks.

The rich couples were the only church members prophet Afresa Taylor respected because they were helping him financially big time.

The rich woman is quite younger than her husband and the prophet took advantage to be sleeping with her since the husband might be too old to satisfy her s*xual needs.

The husband of the rich married woman has stop attending church service for sometime now. There are rumors the top government official got to know of their affairs reasons why he’s stop coming to church.

The married woman name start with I and surname M.

Anybody who comes close to prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor will know him as a man who likes women.

May God forgive him…

From: Evelyn Akua Smith/ Ghana


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