A Giant Eagle Tries to Carry Off Australian Boy—Imagine What This Would Have Been Called If It Was Africa…Witchcraft

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Eagle tries to carry off Australian boy
Eagle tries to carry off Australian boy

In Africa, such a happening would be tagged witchcraft—and if someone is not lucky, she would be lynched for being the witch who turned into an eagle to fly off with a boy.

On lookers at an Australian wildlife show in central Australia were shocked when an “wedge-tailed eagle tried to fly away with a terrified boy, the BBC reports.

The enormous bird latched its talons on to the screaming boy’s head at Alice Springs Desert Park, ready to fly off with him

According to witnesses, the giant eagle attempted to pick him up “like a small animal”.

The website adds that; “The boy – believed to be between six and eight years old – escaped with a “superficial” gash to his face. Christine O’Connell from Horsham in Victoria state was visiting the park with her husband on 6 July when the attack occurred.
She told the BBC the eagle flew straight for the boy from about 15m away.”

Mrs O’Connell, who caught the attack on her camera stated that: “A fellow who was sitting closer said the little boy kept running his zipper up and down.”

The boy was left crying and bleeding, but his injuries were not severe.

Per the account of a Victorian man-Keenan Lucas who was in the crowd to NT News , the show was ended quickly after the attack.

He said: “We’re at the bird show in the afternoon, having a great time and looking forward to seeing the wedge-tailed eagle come out for the finale.”

Eagle tries to carry off Australian boy2


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