A Commenter Claims the Man Late Fennec Okyere’s Wife Just Got Married Has About 7 Children With Multiple Women And He’s Called Sam



Just two years after the cold murder of her husband-Fennec Okyere, Amaki has found love and remarried—with public opinion divided on whether the marriage is too quick or not.

Some say Fennec is dead and gone, the living must move and enjoy life–and that’s what Amaki has done.

Others claim that considering the fact that the wife of late Fennec Okyere and the deceased’s family were not really on good terms which led to several in-family problems during Fennec’s burial and funeral, re-marrying just 2 years after the cold murder of her husband seems a little out of the place because of the seemingly hastiness in this.

“After Fennec’s death, Amaki who had reportedly left her marital home several months before Fennec died, was accused of her husband’s death and for that reason Fennec’s family did not acknowledge her as the widow. Amaki did not participate in Fennec’s burial and she was not even allowed to say her final goodbye to her late husband,” Peace Fm reports.

Now the question many are asking is: when did Amaki start seeing this man and if it was just a year or 6 months ago which would somewhat be deemed appropriate, then hasn’t the marriage come really quick?

While many contemplate on the above against the back drop that nothing is really known about the man Amaki just got married by those reporting on the marriage, an anonymous person commenting on Peace Fm’s report has stated that the man is called Sam and he is known for impregnating ladies and ditching them after. This person alleges that Sam has about 7 children with multiple women.

The person wrote:

The man in question is fun of impregnating ladies and given birth with them , then he will throw them out from his house. he has about 7 children and out of that some are twins. he is not real and i doubt if Amaki know him well. bcos everything about him is fake. i want the publisher of this news to carry deeper investigation about him. he comes from ve- deme in the volta region and his name is SAM.HE has destroyed alot of ladies and he does not even take care of the children how it supppose to be. Amaki be watchfull.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 20.28.31

Let’s hope Amaki is in good hands even if the marriage has come too early than expected.

Amaki marriage2

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