Is John Dumelo A Peace Ambassador Or A Hard Core NDC Campaigner? How Does Calling Members of the NPP Killers Or Violent a Hallmark of Peace?

John Dumelo

John Dumelo

First, I thought John Dumelo was confused and then I began to think he is a man of two faces—only to come to a certain realization that, he has been lying to us all.

For some weeks now, John Dumelo has been touring Ghana, especially Senior High Schools, claiming to be a Peace Ambassador for the upcoming elections.

Ghana needs peace and we cannot get enough of such Peace Ambassadors—but then John’s activities became a little weird as the sort of people he was seen with during his so called Peace Advocay belonged to a particular political party.

Just yesterday, the National Youth Organizer of NPP, Sammy Awuku said “the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) has banned all political activities in Senior High School so he doesn’t understand why Dumelo is clandestinely doing so.”

John later denied doing politics in Schools but admitted to engaging in active campaign for the NDC at other places such markets.

He said: “We write to the school authorities and most of the schools approve it…I go with the aim of preaching peace. I advise them not to do politics on the campuses and I try as much as possible not to talk about politics…,” he said.

He added: “If you talk of outside the school; I will agree that I do politics especially when I go to the market but with the schools I don’t do politics. I don’t go with the green book neither do I wear party paraphernalia; I just don’t talk about politics.”

What’s confusing is; how can one person be a Peace Ambassador in the morning and then in the afternoon be actively campaigning for another political party—calling the opposition violent?

How does calling members of the opposition party killers or violent a hallmark of peace? John needs to define what he is, because it’s obvious he is not a Peace Ambassador—if anything at all, he is rather fuelling division.

Check out the video below…

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