NPP Says They Fed John Dumelo When He Was Broke And Hungry So He Should Show Some Gratitude And Stop Attacking Them Baselessly

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John Dumelo
John Dumelo

John Dumelo is the NDC’s number one showbiz surrogate, nobody supports them more stridently and brazenly.

However, according to the NPP, John is displaying extreme ingratitude and disloyalty by attacking the one party that took care of him when he was broke and hungry.

Deputy Communications director of the NPP, Anthony Karbo, made the incensed remarks during an appearance on Kasapa Fm Monday.

Speaking to Fiifi Banson in response to recent attacks by the actor on the party, Karbo said the NPP would be willing to play the dirty political game with Dumelo if he so desires.

“If Mr. Dumelo is interested in getting into the dirty gutter and unguarded politics of attack, he should know that this is the very party that took care of him sometime ago, when he was a student at KNUST, the party was there for him,” Karbo said.

He further criticised the conduct of Dumelo, who has been accused of campaigning in various SHS’s across the country.

“What morals will a person like John Dumelo be teaching young people, what has he achieved?” Karbo wondered.

“We want John Dumelo and the GES to understand that this illegality that is being perpetrated; that he’ll be going round these schools where political activities are not allowed. We know that in the second cycle schools politics is not accepted so why do you allow him to campaign for Mahama?

“And all those headmasters who give him the opportunity to come to their schools under the cover of a peace ambassador meanwhile he’s there to campaign for John Mahama, we are watching them.” he added.

John Dumelo recently hit back hard at the NPP over accusations he was campaigning in schools, saying the NPP was a violent party.


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  1. This is the typical NPP anthem, as soon as you go against them they will announce lies about taking care of you without any evidence as usual.

  2. NPP paa Dumelo dey shake you like this? You guys are not ready for the election if Dumelo can rattle you up to talk for hours about him. Kai!!!

  3. Why are you now revealing this?
    Why didn’t you tell us this long ago before Dumelo started kicking your a$$e$.
    NPP ye nim mu fri titi

  4. Even if you fed him everyday at KNUST several years ago, who cares? what Dumelo is doing today is what matters; and clearly he has made is very obvious that he is not interested in you or your Npp party.

  5. NPP always feeding everyone in your dreams. So you were interested in dumelo yourselves but today you are insulting him because he choose mahama and Ndc. Smh….

  6. NPP has always underestimated NDC. While Dumelo is moving Ndc from village to village and school to school in the present, NPP is talking about feeding him in the past years ago. Is NPP serious at all about this election in 4 months or what. Do u think you are working hard enough in Npp?And you wonder why Dumelo is sure they will win!

  7. Am not a fan of dumelo but I have to admit, he is very bold in politics and is really pushing his party forward.