GC EXCLUSIVE: Actress Joselyn Dumas’ Boyfriend-Joey Gucci Arrested At East Legon Police Station—Allegedly On FRAUD Related Charges

Joey Gucci

Joey Gucci

We’ve been told Joey Gucci has been granted bail…


GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told by our sources close to East Legon Police station that the rich boyfriend of Joselyn Dumas-Joey Gucci who drives around Accra in posh cars has been arrested—allegedly on fraud related charges.

Apparently, dozens of his alleged game friends have been trooping in and out of the Police station—with efforts being made to cover up the arrest from the media.

Speaking to an insider at the Police station, he said: “if the person you are requesting information about has something to do with fraud, then someone like that has been arrested.”

Though Ghana Movie Awards founder-Fred Nuamah who is a friend of Joey Gucci and had Joey’s Advertising company as sponsor of the 2015 Ghana Movie Awards has denied going to visit Joey Gucci at the police station—we are told by our sources that Fred visited the arrested “game” man at the station yesterday.

Actress Joselyn Dumas has not been spotted anywhere near the station—but it’s interesting that Joselyn Dumas’s pick of a man is widely alleged as a known game man in town.

Not long ago, actress-Yvonne Okoro was also tied to another alleged fraud boy-Criss Waddle, and Deborah Vanessah has admitted dating musician Medikal, whose name come up in many conversations as also being a game boy.

We are still talking to our Police sources to find out what led to Joey Gucci’s arrest and if he has officially been charged….

GhanaCelebrities.Com reported a few week ago that; “Joey Gucci stays and owns houses at West Legon and Trassaco junction—where he keeps a fleet of luxury cars including Porsche Cayenne,  Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Range Rover and others.”

Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas

Joe Gucci2

Joe Gucci3


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Dan Blumoon says:

aw hmmm

Angelica Owusu says:

OKAY!!! All should stop and listen. If he is into Forex trading does he has to show his financial statement? People should stop jumping into conclusion. Although it looks fraud but don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Deborah says:

First of all the last article you wrote about these two you said he was just basically having s*x with her you didn’t specify they were dating in that article but now he has suddenly become her boyfriend…Lol interesting. Since you pride yourself of being an investigative blogger ( I wouldn’t call u a journalist because you’re definitely far from that) you should have done research then you would’ve seen that this is certainly not the man she’s dating. This is no joke, you’re attaching her name to a story about a criminal act. A time will come when these celebrities will start suing you ppl for defamation of character/ posting false info on them. If i was her i would take this up. You bloggers takes things too far, start doing your research properly so you don’t feed your readers with INNACURATE info.

Junior says:

Well, you INACURATELY spelt your ‘INNACURATE’..That pretty sums up the storm in you. .lol

Realicious says:

Dear Junior, Well you also spelled INACCURATE wrong, it’s two ‘Cs’ not one! lmao

MisssGhana says:

So doesn’t he have a name? Leave joslyn out of this. she had her fun with the guy and she has moved on. let him face his problems with his own name. ah

Bel says:

His name is Joey Gucci, can’t you read? And who told you joselyn didn’t see all the fraud and illegitimate crap she was having fun with. If the boy has been arrested today why shouldn’t her name come up too. When you jump into bed with dogs, you catch fleas. This is her flea.

MisssGhana says:

ahahaha. sweetheart, don’t take it too serious. everybody has something to hide in life. imagine if she is dating someone else and they are putting her name her boldly. what i mean is, the heading should be his nam alone not addressed as joslyn bla bla bla

Cecil says:

Oh this is shyous paaaa.
But nobody should be surprised. If a boy is driving cars that even presidents and prominent entrepreneurs don’t own, then how do we think he made the money?
The fact is, they will all get caught one by one. It’s just a matter of time.

Kwabena says:

He is a well known business man and has a legitimate business.GC please get ur facts right ooo cos u can just write this article and disgrace him.Want to know this,what shows he is into that and have any of u seen him doing sakawa?

Clive says:

Then he should show the police his business finance statement as evidence. Auditors should audit his “legitimate business”! If he has nothing to hide, he shouldn’t worry or?

AkosuaGhana says:

That’s true

AkosuaGhana says:

And what is it that he does as a legitimate business to have all these cars. Some of us will like to know so we can get into that business too

Juicenet says:

I don’t believe that… Looking at the background tells it all. I’ve met some and this small boy in the pic is no exceptional smh

Frank says:


CL says:

Ladies, if your man is driving a car that you know his income can not afford or lives a fake flashy life beyond his means, it is better to run than endure disgrace with police and arrest. That kind of record will follow you forever.

Julie 101 says:

What is fraud?? Is it Sakawa?? Internet fraud???

Pee Tom says:

Sakawa I believe in this case

Julie 101 says:

So it’s money rituals?? I thought sakawa was internet fraud

Prince says:

They make the living very interesting now. I see posh cars and mansions around these days. All those criticizing are only Jealous of these guys. There is no JOB in Ghana and man has to survive. Nkwasiasem

Efriyie says:

Joselyn, didn’t you see that the guy owns many things which are more than his income. You are even older than him so at your age u didn’t see all these red flags?? Tweaaaa! You grow for nothing!!!

KA NE WU says:


Bixente del Simpri says:

This is a premature posting by GhanaCelebrities. You seem to have an issue with the dude. The case is a misunderstanding between two friends, which one reported to the police. Case has even been dismissed. Why would you now bring out his private life? I would sue you if it were me.

Tintin says:

How? one reported a misunderstanding to police and his friend was arrested? Are kids here? Was he arrested or not since you seem to have all the info and what was the misunderstanding about. What work does the guy do?

Bixente del Simpri says:

He had monetary confrontation with his friend, which the guy reported to the police. There is nothing about fraud in it. And then this website think it’s the best way of getting attention. Actions are being arranged to be taken.

Tiffanybabe says:

This is not shocking. Fraud is written all over his face. Where did he get the money to buy all these? Has Ken Agyepong even bought all these cars. Joselyn Dumas and the rest of these celebs like cheap side too much. They don’t want to work but want to chill money so they roll with fraud boys

Tintin says:

Say that again. Their cup will all be full soon

Claudio says:

Well said. Ghana celebs like to show off. It’s serious competition between them so even when they can clearly see danger, they still enter the net.

Jeff says:

Fraud all over the face de3 fraud all over the say. smh. lol

Scorpion says:

Since there are no jobs in the country, all the guys has been doing is fraud to survive, this shouldnt be any surprise,what kinda job in ghana could pay enough to own all these cars ?

Kwam 1 says:

I thought joselyn was dating dumelo that’s why yvonne nelson doesn’t like her. Anyway dumelo is also a big fraud boy so I guess that’s dumas taste.
All this disgrace just for peruvian weaves and expensive things to show off. Smh….

Stephania says:

Dumelo was just a friend with benefits for joselyn but apparently he has a small price so she moved to joey. I hear dumelo is even friends with Joey. Can you imagine! Ah ba!

Stephania says:

Small pr!ck*****

Emma says:

GC get your facts straight! Joselyn stopped dating him long ago.

Princess says:

What a big disgrace for Joselyn Dumas. You these cheap celebrities like fraud boys because of money. She can’t go near the police station GC because they may end up arresting her too. Many of these boys are all over in Accra, no work but plenty money and cars

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