Gay Nigerian Man-David Ukre Weds His Partner Eric Sheon in USA—And Folks Are Abusing Them Online

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Eric and Sheon
Eric and Sheon

According to multiple online reports, a Nigerian gay-David Ukre, from Warri, Delta State got married to his white partner-Eric T. Shoen in New York, on Saturday, 30th July—at a happy ceremony which was attended by family and friends.

And social media folks are abusing David Ukre not just for the marriage but for being gay.

Interestingly, these people online seem to be still offended by what two adults decided to do far away in United States, even when their own family members support their relationship.

Lawrence Musoke, commenting on the marriage wrote: “Adad will come and America will be demolished as the 2 cities sodom and Gomorrah. So stupid.” Inedestiny Pears who claims to work as a teacher, also wrote “This is stupidity.

Kay Allen George had this to say; “It’s sickening but then this should eliminate that ignorant talk – “it does not happen in Africa, it does not happen in Nigerian, not in my community”. These lot are not wired up properly, it’s scary though.”

In response to Allen’s comment, Nii Adjei Botchway, a clinical research associate wrote: “That it did not happen in our African society is being in self-denial.Since it had a name,it then existed. In the Akan society of Ghana,they were culled out of disgrace to the family.”

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