Fashion Or Insanity? Comedian A-Plus Shows What’s Wrong With the Direction Contemporary Fashion is Taking



Some years ago, fashion was well defined—and simply.

Today, it’s chaotic and complex. What’s for a men is equally for a women and what’s for a women is weirdly becoming the favourite of some men too.

In a facebook post a few minutes ago, Ghanaian comedian-Kwame Aplus decided to highlight the absurd direction today’s fashion is taking.

He claims his Auntie who just came to Ghana from Germany brought him some fashionable goodies and while going through the gifts, he found this leggings covered with a top.

A-Plus claims he is confused as to whether it is for him or not—trying to say, today’s fashion has become so confusing you cannot even pin-point what’s meant for men and what’s for women.

This what A-Plus wrote:

Errrrrrm abeg something dey worry me small wey I want ask you guys. Abi you know say your brother from village come Accra so you for help me. My friend bi from Germany come Ghana yesterday. Her name be Auntie Pat. She bring me plenty things. Charley shoes and things…. As adey go through the things I see this particular one wey e dey confuse me small.

The thing check like leggings wey e san get skirt for top. Hmmmm… wearing leggings alone be matter. How much more one way they add skirt? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I no know if Auntie Pat forget wey she leave her leggings in my things or she want make I take give my girlfriend or e be part of my things. The thing wey e dey confuse me more be say, I check the lable they write Zara man. 😬😬😬😬

I remember say sometime ago I see say my brother Killbeatz dey wear something like this 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Abeg if you watch this thing adey wear a, Auntie Pat forget her leggings or she buy am for me?




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