Facebook to Begin Showing You Ads Even If You Are Using Adblockers



Mark Zuckerberg must be tired of people trying to cause him revenue loss–with ad blockers installed on their surfing machines.

Now, even if you have adblocker installed, it’s useless as far as Facebook is concerned.

The social media website announced Tuesday that it’ll start showing ads to users even if their browser is running an ad blocker.

Facebook believes that ad experience should be controlled rather than completely blocked.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have installed adblockers, forgetting that they are able to enjoy so many websites online for free because these websites run advertisements to cater for their operations.

Andrew Bosworth, vice president of the company’s ads & business platform, wrote in a blog post that, “With today’s announcement we’re building on these efforts by making ad preferences easier to use, so you can stop seeing certain types of ads.”

He added; “If you don’t want to see ads about certain interests like travel or cats, you can remove the interest from your ad preferences.”

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