Franklin Cudjoe Is The New Face Of Perversion – Lydia Forson


IMANI Ghana boss Franklin Cudjoe has found himself in the crosshairs of Ghana’s most literary celebrity, actress Lydia Forson, as well as most of the female population and right thinking males.

Cudjoe recently responded to a question asked by Evron Hughes with a wildly inappropriate comment, one which he later claimed to be a joke – but by then the damage had already been done.


Writing on her blog, a livid Lydia Forson attacked Cudjoe, who she says is a representation of the typical chauvinistic Ghanaian man. She called for him to suffer consequences for his act, even if she knew none are forthcoming. And she railed on the double standards she felt men and women are subjected to in this country.

She titled her piece All Hail The New Face Of Perversion; Franklin Cudjoe

Read portions below…

In a perfect world, Franklin Cudjoe and his entire organization  would have be stripped of all privileges , publicly shunned by institutions associated with them and he would have been demoted from his position.

It doesn’t help that he carries himself as a man of honour, integrity and respect. *cough (bullshit alert).

So how are people supposed to take anything from him and his institution seriously if as a leader he has absolutely no decorum and doesn’t take the same actions he demands from others when they go wrong?( if the thinks he’s wrong that is)


Ever wonder why Tiger Woods lost all his endorsements when he was caught with his pants down? Or why Bill Cosby has been stripped of nearly all merits he worked for because of an “alleged” accusation? What about in recent weeks when Ryan Lochte a member of the US men’s swim team who lied about being robbed in Rio at Gun point? Why do you think he’s losing nearly all major endorsement deals?


Brands know not to associate themselves with anyone with a bad reputation because it’s a reflection on them.

But here in Ghana, Franklin and his coons will mostly likely  get a promotion and air time to spew more rubbish.

I hope these men apologize to the women in their lives because they have to carry the burden of their shameful act unfortunately.

I other hand won’t be listening to anything this man and his associates have to say and hope he’s banned from speaking on anything unless he renders a proper apology and proves he’s indeed remorseful.

But I hold my breath because in Ghana, rapist get airtime and chauvinist get parliamentary appointments.

Read Lydia’s entire piece here…

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