Here’s Why Asamoah Gyan Is Most Likely Not Being Truthful With His Explanation Of Why Reading Move Failed

Asamoah Gyan

Asamoah Gyan

This smells too much like Sarkodie’s behaviour during the entire Ace Hood saga.

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan has come out to categorically deny that he failed his medical at Reading, which was initially the reason given for the deal falling trough., the local site for all things Reading related, reported that the Ghana captain was not in tip top shape during the medicals, and that he was not going to be ready until eight weeks from now.

Gyan soon after sent out a tweet, saying nobody could stop him from playing for his country.

He addressed the allegations in an interview with Gary Al-Smith, saying that it wasn’t true that he failed his medicals. He said the real issue was that Reading did not want him to represent his country anymore.

It’s a very strange reason as to why a deal would fall through, and raises numerous questions, none of which are entirely flattering to Gyan.

The first concerns whether Asamoah Gyan is the first African player to ever sign for any club anywhere in the world. He isn’t. Every club in the world knows that the Cup of African nations, for better or for worse, is held in January. It is an unnecessary foible of the continent’s football Confederation which brings one more sticking point into negotiations for the signing of African players – but they get signed anyway.

There are one or two instances where clubs try to stop their players leaving for the Afcon, but usually that is after they have signed them, and it’s usually a rare occurrence. Gyan wants us to believe that Reading was aware of all these facts (they have one Ivorian in the squad, although he’s a junior international), brought him in to sign then decided to ask him not to represent his country?

It’s even worse when you consider he’s the captain of the Ghana national team. Unless Reading’s higher hierarchy is filled with dumb racists and white supremacists, there is no way they can call in the captain of Ghana and ask him not to represent his country anymore.

On the flip side, is it possible Gyan is not in optimal shape for the rigours of the Championship? Hell yeah! He has been playing in the Gulf and Chinese leagues for the past four/five years, where the level is massively inferior to Europe. He might be fit as hell for those leagues, but there’s no doubt with the standard available, his best there would be woefully inadequate in the top leagues. There’s also something to be said for falling behind due to not needing to be at his best to score crazy amount of goals there.

Looking at all these, which sounds more plausible – that a modern day football club expected to sign the captain of a national team, someone who has represented that side his entire career, and  ask him not to represent that side again – or that a player who has been playing in less competitive leagues for half a decade has fallen off and not kept up with his fitness to the level required? I know which one sounds more plausible to me.


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