Isabelle Dinoire – Recipient Of World’s First Face Transplant Has Died

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The recipient of the world’s first face transplant, Frenchwoman Isabelle Dinoire, has died due to complications arising from her surgery, 11 years after undergoing the groundbreaking procedure.

Dinoire passed away on April 22, 2016, ‘following a long illness’ – the hospital that carried out the procedure, Amlens, revealed in a statement sighted by CNN.

The statement said her demise was kept under wraps this long due to the wishes of her family who wanted out of the spotlight.

“In accordance with the will of her relatives, no obituary was published in the press in order to protect their legitimate privacy at that painful time,” the statement said.

Dinoire underwent the at then revolutionary procedure after her face was mauled by her dog and doctors at Amlen opted not to carry out reconstructive surgery.

Dinoire (before surgery, just after surgery, and years later)


“French surgeons Dr. Jean-Michel Dubernard and Dr. Bernard Devauchelle decided to carry out the operation to stitch on a nose, chin and mouth from a brain-dead donor, and opted out of the more traditional reconstructive surgery route.” CNN wrote.

“Dinoire was given the lower part of a face taken from a woman who had committed suicide.”

Dinoire lived with the face for years, before developing complications late last year, with her body rejecting some of the transplants. She had to undergo some surgeries to repair some damage, and it is reported complications from those led to her death.

Other reports say the medications she was taking for the rejection of her transplants led to her developing cancer.

Dinoire was 38 when she underwent the surgery, she died aged 49.


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