Prince Charles Says Texts and Social Media Are Killing Off the Art of Letter Writing–And He’s RIGHT

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall

Letter writing for most young people was a beautiful art–and those who had penpals all around the world looked forward to reading their handwritten letters.

But that’s all gone since the internet became widely accessible, on the back which social media developed.

The art of writing a letter is almost dead as many of us write our messages via text messages or social media, using short hands.

The letter writing adventures, which you needed special skills to make an impact when wooing a girl were fulfilling. The same cannot be said about our speed texting and social media messaging culture. 

MailOnline reports:

Prince Charles issued an impassioned plea to protect the art of letter-writing yesterday, warning that it was ‘under mortal threat’ in a world of texting and social media.

In a reference to Twitter, the royal derided the ‘140 characters or less culture’ – saying the ‘logical ordering of thoughts in proper, grammatically correct prose is in fact rather important at the end of the day’.

Charles, who was speaking at an event to mark 500 years of the postal service, is a notoriously keen writer of letters whose missives to politicians have been dubbed ‘black spider’ memos after his distinctive handwriting.

The prince even jokingly alluded to his reputation as an obsessive scribbler, describing himself as someone who ‘relies on the well-aimed letter – and relishes the ones in return’.

In his speech to long-serving Royal Mail workers and executives, he said: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps your greatest service is the way that Royal Mail, by its very existence, defends the written word.

‘In these days of texting and various social media apps, the well-constructed sentence is under mortal threat!

‘So on behalf of letter-writers; of isolated communities; of the eager and expectant on Valentine’s and other equally special days; and, indeed, on behalf of dear old Santa Claus himself, I can only offer my heartfelt thanks and warmest congratulations on a job conspicuously well done by you all. You are, as they say, a national treasure.

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