Teenager on Benefits spends £20,000 of Taxpayer’s Money on Cosmetic Surgeries to look like His Idol David Beckham

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38b7bdf900000578-3803816-image-a-21_1474631174339Jack Johnson, 19-year-old unemployed teenager from Bulwell, Nottingham claims he has spent £20,000 of taxpayer’s money to look his idol David Beckham reports the Dailymail

Johnson who receives around £15, 000 in benefits per year confesses that although he is not a football fan he is so infatuated with the footballer that he has splashed thousands of pounds on cosmetics treatments including Botox injections, lip fillers, teeth fillers and tan injections every month

“I’ve always wanted to look like him because there isn’t a person on this planet who can say he is ugly”, he said

“I’ve always been a fan because he started from nothing and he has built up his image up. I love the way he looks and his personality”.

Although his family seem less than pleased with his spending habits, Jack has no intention of stopping now as he plans to get a hair transplant along with a hand tattoo to match the footballer’s and is hoping to undergo gastric band surgery.

38b7d1ce00000578-3803816-image-m-20_1474631166214In an interview with the Nottingham Post, his older brother Aaron, 25, said “He has gone too over the top, but there is no stopping him,” he told the newspaper. “He wants to be famous and he’s one-of-a-kind”.

“He has got TV offers coming out from everywhere and I’m in shock. I can’t believe it. If it makes him happy then we just have to support him, but deep down I think he knows he doesn’t look like David Beckham”.

The public is angered with his behaviour with some criticising his attitude to money and blasting him as ‘delusional’.

One woman wrote on his Facebook page: “Stop spunging off the state. I hope the council stop your benefits (sic.)” while a man called him a “vile person”.
When one Twitter user questioned why Jack had been able to splash his benefits on beauty treatments, he replied: “Because I’m fabulous”.

But Jack remains defiant of his choices and insists that certain cosmetic treatments should be available on NHS, by saying, “I understand there are other things out there on the NHS that are important, I understand for example people who want a baby should have IVF treatment on the NHS but other people need work on their lips”.



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