Why Does BLOCKHEADED Afia Schwarzenegger Want A Hypocrite To Be Her President?


The ignorance and block headedness on display here from the supposed queen of comedy in Ghana is legendary and shockingly, not so surprising.

The few years Afia has been in the public eye in Ghana has informed us time and time again that she’s not the brightest bulb in the room, but such blatant display of it for all and sundry to bask in just in the name of partisan politics puts this on a whole new level.

It’s ignoramuses like this one that help breed a new generation filled with more ignoramuses – because, unfortunately, they  look up to people like Afia Schwarzenegger and their half baked minds.

There is no doubt religious undertones is being dripped all over this year’s elections by both main parties. Nana Akuffo-Addo claims the battle is for the Lord, whilst Mahama claims the Lord is his witness and would retain him in power. Both are playing on the religious nature of the Ghanaian mentality, and it’s just part of the game that we all play with each other where we pretend we’re righteous by spouting off something about God.

But for Afia to buy that bullsh*t and think that is a winning argument to make in public is another matter. Taking to her facebook page this morning, she posted a photo of the President in prayer with his vice, and her caption left a lot to be desired.

No matter what one thinks…I will rather trust the future of my children with prayerful men(even if they are faking it), than grown men that goes to town with fizzy cum colours cum sugar drink in their mouth.. I will rather drink coconut which is healthy than whatever!!!!!!
Ghanaians should stop copying blindly…Our health matters a lot as well.
Just minding my business

“I will rather trust the future of my children with prayerful men(even if they are faking it)” Afia wrote this, read it, edited it, and then decided to hit send, comfortable that this was the best intellectual presentation of herself she could put out there. Like most Ghanaians,, she’s admitting that all she wants in a President is the ability to fake being a good Christian, his actions matter little at all. How does she not see how that is a recipe for Ghanaians to be taken advantage of? ANYONE can fake being a good Christian.

And Nana’s great crime (in her eyes) is going to town “with fizzy cum colours cum sugar drink in their mouth”. Yes, that is demonstrably so much worse than leading Ghana into massive debt, running a economy with runaway prices leading to a high cost of living, and condemning Ghanaians to three years of living in darkness in the 21st century. All that is better than being caught with Kalyppo in your mouth.

Yes, Afia, a hypocritical dead goat is better for you and your children, but he’s certainly not better for the entire country. And choosing who to vote for based on who can fake being a good Christian better is certainly such an enlightened way to go.

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