Becca Tried To Snatch My Baby Daddy; Only Sleeps With Nigerian Men For Money – Fuming Bibi Bright Claims Nana Akua Addo Told Her

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In case you hadn’t heard Instagram was set on fire last night by actress Bibi Bright who spent much of the evening tearing into Nana Akua Addo for a long list of wrongs she claimed the latter had committed against practically every female in Ghanaian showbiz.

Bibi basically claimed that Nana Akua was a backbiting b*tch who took stories from one celebrity and told them to another and who badmouthed her ‘friends’ to other people. She claimed she was selfish and narrated numerous anecdotes to prove her point.

Oh and she didn’t leave out the curses either.

At one point, even Becca got involved in the mess. Bibi Bright mentioned the singer and claimed that Nana Akua had been bad mouthing Becca to her.

She claimed she heard from Nana Akua that Becca is an untalented hack who only sleeps with Nigerian men for money. She added that Becca tried unsuccessfully to snatch her (Akua’s) baby daddy. Bibi claimed the actress also said she heard from Becca that when she was with Kiki Banson, he wasn’t managing her well in terms of ‘f*cking’.

She also claimed Nana Akua passed some derogatory comments about Sonia Ibrahim to her.

This is just one of many claims Bibi made against Nana Akua in her tirade last night…..see them all here. These people are supposed to be ‘role models’, I suppose.

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  1. Seriously this nana Akua girl doesn’t respect at all. How can she go so low on our screen goddess? She’s not even fine, but yet won’t shut her huge lips. No wonder bibi disgraced her terribly on Instagram. Good job Bibi. You’ve silenced her for good.