John Dumelo Says Ghanaians Are Impressed With NDC And Would Hand NPP Their Worst Ever Electoral Defeat This Year

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Well fed John Dumelo believes that the rest of the country is living in as much affluence as he is and thus would reject the NPP’s change message in favour of JM Toaso.

John Dumelo was speaking in North Tongu during the campaign launch of the MP for the area, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, who’s standing for re-election this year.

The actor, a long time NDC follower who’s even announced he’s nursing Presidential ambitions, told the crowd that their lives have been bettered tremendously by the work of the government, and that would lead them to reject the NPP’s message and hand the party their worst defeat in Ghana’s electoral history.

“This year will be the worst performing year for the NPP when it comes to the election.” Dumelo told followers of the party..

“They will get the lowest vote ever because Ghana is deciding and Ghana has decided [to retain the NDC]. So what kind of change are they talking about when we see all the projects around, and they say change is coming. That means the change is backward and we want forward change,”

The MP for the area and Deputy Education Minister, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, also added his voice to John’s. According to him, what the President has done for North Tongu far exceeds what the NPP is promising and thus their brand of change is unnecessary.

“In North Tongu, we are not impressed with the NPP’s promise of one million dollar per constituency because in the road sector alone, President Mahama has invested more than 70 million dollars [in this area]. The community day SHS which we are befitting from, one is valued at Ghc 7 million that is far more than a million dollars.” he said.

“If it is about the one-village-one-dam, we already have modern irrigation facilities with underground canals, so we can’t leave more for less,” he emphatically added.



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  1. I wonder if Dumelo has a plan B in the event that NDC does not win the election!
    With such acerbic comments about NPP, how will John survive in GH. Not to mention that V8 will be taken from him when audited. Smh….

    1. Hahahahahaaaa @ an excellent address for Dumelo, in addition;

      John V8 Dumelo
      No1 Gigolo Street
      P.O Box NDC 419
      Akatamanso, Ghana

  2. I knew he was greedy but never knew would go to this extend. John are you okay in the head at all? Well pray hard ur Ndc wins cos when npp comes in power you would be asked to refund all the stolen campaign money. Pray that doesn’t happen. I smell jail jail. God elects and this year seems like a year for nana Addo.

  3. Dumelo thinks we are all driving free V8 from the NDC party like him eh? After NDC has collapsed our businesses with dumsor, John thinks we will vote for them again? Which party in power does not build roads or infrastructure??? Are we supposed to dance for u just becos of roads u were expected to build.
    We will rather take our chances with Nana Addo on Dec 7 ok!

  4. Well, JD I have some bad news for you. The evidence I have gathered so far suggests that NPP will win this election, although I don’t want them to win…?

  5. At this point even if Dumelo goes n*ked for NDC on the streets, nobody will be surprised anymore. They have fed him so much, he has literally become fat. Dumelo must spew all these wreckless statements for the NDC because that’s the hand that feeds him now. His career is totally dead. His businesses have fallen apart. We are still waiting for documentries he promised (yea right), his paying cheques to women he swindled etc so, it’s only NDC he has left!