JUICY: Nana Aba Anamoah And New Found Lover-Kojo Yankson Develop PET NAMES For Each Other As Kojo Spoils Nana Aba With RAY-BAN SUNGLASSES + MORE

Kojo and Nana Aba

Kojo and Nana Aba

The steamy romance between ace broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah and host of the Super Morning Show on Joy FM Kojo Yankson continues to grow and heat up, and somehow, the couple is doing a very poor job at hiding it. “It almost appears to be a deliberate attempt to subtly let the cat out of the bag”, a gossiper has told GhanaCelebrities.Com.

As promised, we have continued to monitor the developments between the two and have made some interesting observations in recent times.

First, not a single day goes by without Nana Aba and Kojo exchanging tweets and retweeting each other. Some of the tweets are playful and benign, others are flirtatious in such a subtle way that most people wouldn’t pick up on it.

But the most interesting observation is the choice of pet names for each other; a show of love and affection.

Kojo calls Nana Aba by the name Mawuena. That is how her name is stored on his cell phone. Nana Aba’s mother is an Ewe and this explains why she has that name. Interestingly, not even those closest to Nana Aba call her Mawuena. But somehow that is the pet name Kojo has adopted for his new babe. From Nana Aba’s own son, to her mother, to her siblings, to her close family and friends, most of them call her “Ro”, a short form of her English name Rosemond. Others call her either Nana or Aba or Nana Aba. But for obvious reasons her new loverboy calls her by the special name, Mawuena.

For the record, Kojo Yankson has a thing for pet names. He refers to his wife Pamela as Pam or Pammy and his main girlfriend Kyerewa Attakrah of April Rust fame as “Kyerie”. He also refers to his other side chick, actress Lydia Forson, as “apple pie”. This is clear throughout their social media exchanges where they refer to each other as “apple pie”.

It appears however that Kojo even does a better job at hiding their romantic involvement than Nana Aba. Nana Aba is in such awe of Kojo that she can’t help but give up various hints about their s*xual relationship. Indeed it was one of such hints that provided the raw material for this story.

Nana Aba also has a pet name for Kojo; she calls him Jonathan or JY (for Jonathan Yankson). One would ask where from that name, as Kojo Yankson is not known to bear an English name. Therein lies the story!

So a few weeks ago, Kojo Yankson gave to Nana Aba a copy of his book “Messages from the Morning Man” which he authored sometime last year or so. Nana Aba, like a hapless teenager in love, instantly took to Instagram to announce this and encourage others to patronise her sweetheart’s book. This is what she posted:screenshot_20161118-172917

It was from reading this book that Nana Aba discovered the name Jonathan and decided to choose that for her new babe. This book contains articles written by Kojo and read every morning on his radio show. The particular article that influenced Nana Aba’s decision to call her lover Jonathan was released by Kojo Yankson on the 2nd of November 2015. This is the link to the article.

In this article, Kojo laments about how growing up he wished he had an English name like his sisters Jenny and Jean Yankson. For this reason, he chose one for himself – Jonathan! He says he continued to refer to himself as Jonathan Kojo Yankson during his childhood until he overcame that phase. Having keenly read her sweetheart’s book, Nana Aba has decided that in order to differentiate herself from Kojo’s other friends and girlfriends, she will lovingly refer to him as Jonathan.

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It is also a sly way to avoid people knowing who she is referring to on social media when she makes a statement with the name Jonathan or the initials JY.

The initials are even more deceptive because Nana Aba’s beloved son, Jyotir Anamoah, is also affectionately called JY by close family and friends. This provides a solid cover for Nana Aba whenever she refers to Kojo as JY, as most people would assume she is referring to her son Jyotir. Smart move, but we’ve caught on to it.

A typical example is Nana Aba’s last whatsapp status that reads “JY dearest ♡♡♡”. Most people assumed she was referring to her son, when in fact she was referring to Kojo Yankson. See Nana Aba’s whatsapp status below:screenshot_20161118-124139

So whenever you see Nana Aba say Jonathan or JY on social media, please be aware that she is not referring to her son Jyotir, she is referring to her secret lover Kojo Yankson.

It was through this observation that we found out that Kojo Yankson had given Nana Aba a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses belonging to him. Nana Aba is known to have a thing for sunglasses and for this reason, her new boo gave her a pair. This is the story.

For the longest time, this was Kojo Yankson’s whatsapp profile picture:  img-20161118-wa0012

This picture is also on his Instagram page. The picture shows Kojo Yankson posing sheepishly in a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses in what appears to be the back of a vehicle.

On the 10th of November 2016, Kojo Yankson uploaded this video onto his Instagram page. The video was shot during one of Kojo’s frequent visits to Nana Aba’s office at the SN Media Learning Tree in Nima. This is the link:


The video shows Nana Aba clearly goofing around with her loverboy, and wearing the very same sunglasses that Kojo had on in his whatsapp picture. This is a screenshot of Nana Aba wearing Kojo’s sunglasses in the video:

One might say that perhaps she was just wearing the sunglasses in the video for laughs. Well, twitter posts between the two have shown that the glasses are now in her possession as a gift of love from Kojo to her.

Nana Aba a few days ago hosted an even organised by Vanessa Gyan, daughter of legendary musician, Kiki Gyan. The event was known as “Sincerely Vee”. Pictures of Nana Aba hosting the event were posted on Twitter by the photographers, Polegraphy: screenshot_20161118-100827

Interestingly, one of the pictures uploaded had Nana Aba laughing aggressively with a black Ray-Ban sunglasses case in her possession. See below:screenshot_20161118-100840

It was in response to this picture on twitter that Nana Aba and Kojo Yankson gave themselves away. Nana Aba retweeted the picture and Kojo, like the doting sidenigga, as usual jumped onto her twitter page like the faithful lover to comment on it. This was his comment:screenshot_20161118-100758

Kojo’s sly comment drenched in sarcasm is indicative of a back story to the comment. After all, the sunglasses are not showing in the picture, so how does he compliment sunglasses that he cannot see? It is clear that he is familiar with those sunglasses and only made that comment to pull his lover’s s*xy bow legs.

But what completely exposed them was Nana Aba’s response to his comment. Quite hilariously, in an attempt to evade attention, Nana Aba gives the credit for the sunglasses to a certain “Jonathan”. See:screenshot_20161118-100741

“Jonathan does (have great taste in sunglasses)! Such a cool cat”. This was Nana Aba’s response to the comment made by her beloved Kojo Yankson. She credited a certain Jonathan for her sunglasses. Who is this Jonathan? Jonathan Yankson?? Jonathan Kojo Yankson??? JY???? I’m sure it is as clear as day for all to see. We will not be fooled! We can all see what is going on here. Nana Aba and Kojo can try all the code names and subtle references they want, but we are very much on to them.

The two were once again spotted at Alisa Hotel a few days back where they posed for pictures outside. Nana Aba uploaded one of such pictures on her Instagram:screenshot_20161118-174236

What is interesting about this picture is the caption underneath. See:


In the caption, Nana Aba appears to give credit for the picture to her “Bebe ♡”. Let’s put 2 and 2 together. Nana Aba was at this place with ‘Jonathan’ Kojo Yankson, and they paused outside to take pictures of each other. So if she is crediting “Bebe” for this picture, can we deduce that Kojo Yankson is Nana Aba’s “Bebe”? Your guess is as good as mine!

What we find both intriguing and worrying is the fact that Nana Aba and Kojo are flaunting their newfound love all over the place without regard whatsoever for their respective partners, as both of them are alleged to be in serious relationships. The fact that Kojo has a wife, allegedly a serious girlfriend and several sidechicks including Lydia Forson, and Nana Aba is in a serious relationship with a young lawyer/businessman from a very wealthy political family with their family house around Ecobank in Labone appears not to faze them at all. Even the fact that both Nana Aba and Kojo have sons with different people doesn’t. They have decided that this is what they want and they are going for it! Kudos to them! Karma is a b*tch though, so they better be careful!

We are currently investigating a clash that is reported to have taken place somewhere in Airport Residential Area between Nana Aba and Kojo Yankson’s wife and mother of his son, Pamela Amos, sometime ago. Once we have the full gist, we will be sure to furnish you.

This piece was submitted by Fidelia Nkansa.

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