PHOTO: ‘Jesus’ Spotted In Nairobi, Kenya As Residents Line Up To Take Photos With Him, Pathetically Not Realising That Jesus Was Never White


Some Kenyan’s were agog Wednesday when a Jesus-Christ lookalike was spotted in the streets of Nairobi and became an instant celebrity.

The man, a foreigner with a walking staff, barefoot and with a bushy beard and features looking a little like the usual portrait of white Jesus, was mobbed by followers who wanted to take a selfie with him.

Social media was inundated that day with photos of Kenyans with this ‘Jesus’, and it even spawned the trending hashtag #JesusInNairobi.

This is pathetic on soo many levels, but fitting for the country that declared a holiday for the Pope’s visit. It’s not difficult to realise that Jesus was not white, he was a middle eastern Jew so those photos we’ve seen around since our childhood are just the ones used by Europeans to support claims of their dominance. Christianity, and white Jesus of course, were tools of colonisation and conquest and we pathetically follow it with glee to this day.

This guy was probably some homeless guy but because he bears a resemblance to a picture that people think is Jesus, folks were lining up to take photos with him.



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