SOCIAL MEDIA: If the Reason You Date A Man is So He Can Give You Money–Then YOU ARE A PROSTITUTE With One Client–Says A Young Nigerian Woman

Black woman

Black woman

A few days ago, I expressed my displeasure with the offensively pathetic habit of a new generation of Ghanaian women thinking a man suddenly ought to become their ATM by virtue of being in a relationship with them.

And yesterday, a friend tagged me into the below Facebook post by an young Nigerian woman Nkechi Bianze.

The post points out what is fundamentally wrong with the increasing disproportionate financial expectation of some African women from men they are in relationships.

And she was blunt–she said among other things that “If you think having s*x with a man entitles you to his money; YOU ARE A PROSTITUTE!”

Read all what she had to say below:

If the only reason you date a man is so he can give you money, YOU ARE A PROSTITUTE with one client…. or more (depending on how many you are dating).

If you think having s*x with a man entitles you to his money; YOU ARE A PROSTITUTE!

(Same goes for men who have s*x or date for money)

We all (both men and women) have 24hours a day to make money.
Things are changing, and women now have almost as much opportunities as men to earn a living.

Nigeria is hard, so is the abroad. This hardship gets to both men and women.

I repeat…. your boyfriends, fiancées, (or any man you are in a s*xual relationship with whom you are neither married to nor cohabitating with on agreed mutual benefits/terms) is NOT obligated to pay your bills.

Ask him for money if you want, but you are NOT entitled to it. He will give you if he can and if he wants.

Vaginas are neither gold mines nor money making machines.
Men are not beast of financial burdens, just like women are not housemaids.

STOP SUBTLE PROSTITUTION or embrace it like a tag of honour!

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