“Go and buy from Mahama” – Read REPORT Of How An East Legon Filling Station Refused To Sell Fuel To Actor John Dumelo

John Dumelo

John Dumelo

Actor John Dumelo was complaining BEFORE the election of the death threats he has received and endorsement deals he has lost simply for following NDC. At the time, with his party in power, it seemed like nothing but a sob story to grab some attention.

But his worst nightmares might actually be coming true now with the trashing the NDC received in the just ended elections.

A report from Presspeep.com indicates that John suffered a humiliating incident during an attempt to fill up his car at a filling station in East Legon.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to the site, the attendant at the station refused to fill up John’s tank for him, pissed off at his support of the NDC.

“We won’t sell to you. Go and buy from Mahama” the attendant reportedly told the actor, who has spoken in the past of one day pursuing his own Presidential ambitions.

“Asked how John reacted, the source said he gave a gentle smile and drove off.” the report noted.

The NDC’s celebrity supporters have not been having it easy since the end of the elections. Mzbel, for instance, has received so much abuse she has virtually quit Instagram. John Dumelo seems to have some thicker skin but this would certainly not be the last time someone would throw the last four years back in his face.

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Juicenet says:

John needs to come out and apologize to nana Addo. He clearly said nana will never win this election and he knows for sure. I think he went too damn far, as a celebrity some stuffs are better left unsaid. He was harsh and at the same time stomaching with that silly campaign. He should show some remorse and a little polite by saying sorry for what he said. Seriously tho, if you John a knust drop out has made it this far, then how much more a well wealthy educated wise man like nana Addo? Were you on some crack or something? Too bad this time around the rigging couldn’t go on for your mahama. Wake up boy even my dad who’s a strong Ndc supporter disown mahama due to the high corruption involving him. Learn to be reasonable and stop this nasty tribal line voting. To me you’re a big disgrace and very hungry for fame and riches. From duping women to politics. Boy go back and complete knust and try again. I would have poured urine on you if you had come to me to buy fuel. No wonder your male friends don’t hang around you again. Stop being in the midst of fraudsters and let’s build a better Ghana. Ghana was indeed in the hands of some arrogant !d!ots including you, selassie Ibrahim, Roselyn ngissah and James gardener. You have killed your career by following Ndc go and ask ampadu and any other celebrity who’ve campaigned for them in the past.

Kwam 1 says:

You arw right. John use this time that nobody wants to associate with you to take school seriously and stop failing all your papers.
I heard NDC did connections to push u into gimpa even though you had no qualifications at all to enter that school. Use the opportunity wisely. Stop chasing every wealthy lady for her money, stop failing your courses and use tjis gimpa opportunity wisely. You have no friends right now cos they all laugh behind ur back because u actually made a massive f00l of yourself and karma also caught up with you.
A word to the wise….but you kraa you are not wise. More like a word to an imbecile….yooooooo!

Juicenet says:

Right he needs education to enlighten him a bit. I know he’s making it but same time a young guy like him should go back to school to upgrade himself.

Kwam 1 says:

Chale right now we cannot describe him as “making it”. The mere name Dumelo is now synchronized to govt V8, financial corruption, dirty politics, greed and him speaking like he is god about who will NOT and NEVER be president. He is more of a national joke than an actor. As for his business forget kraa. The hotel was not even for him, it was for a woman he was chopping and she has sacked him for his well known games, the hair/weaves business dead, t-shirts dead business, film school dead business, video game lie lie nkwaaa, the soaps, creams what what that he mentioned at starr FM all were false, fashion line we havent even seen a thread yet for sale, now he says his into animal farming…smh…if there is anyone more confused than dumelo in Ghana, I will dash the person money. #BuuluDentse #A$$kissing professional

Nana King says:

Just go on a down low boy. No serious person wants to associate with you at this point because your utterances towards the incoming government was unfortunate to say the least and no serious minded person will want the govt to target them for associating or sympathizing with you. You will be lucky if you get even one (single one) endorsement deal in 2017 till 2020. This next 4 years will NOT be easy for you anywhere you go. Already zoobashop has dumped you, Papa’s Pizza dumped you, IPMC dumped you…you will be dumped saaaa the same way you humiliated women. #A$$Kisser #KarmaSweet

Juicenet says:

Heard nana is about to collect all the campaign gifts. I know that will be after Jan 7th. He will be fine Nigeria is always there for him to act movies.

Portia says:

Nigeria also heard of dumelo’s shenanigans in Ghana politics and the disastrous knock out of a defeat suffered by his NDC. Nigerians don’t want john either. They have their own troubles already, they will return him to sender. Right now john is like a fugitive. He will be paranoid even in his own house or will be moving from hotel to hotel. He go tire pass race horse. Serves him right. Next time too….

Juicenet says:

Hehehehe no wonder I hardly see him on their screen. I’ve an act with irokotv but he’s never in any of their movies. Well too bad no one wants to spoil their market

Lavendar says:

There is an african proverb -- “No matter how much people love you, they will all move away from you when you become a stinking corpse.
That is what dumelo has become.

Ade says:

Ooo mobo. John this is the time to reflect on who your real friends are, who will be there for you and who you can trust cos right now you are an endangered species. I wouldn’t wish the hatred many people have for you on my worst enemy.
PS -- pray for forgiveness too, this could be karma. It’s no secret you have been exposed for many unpleasant incidents regarding women eg. Anas, Harrina, the recent cheque case etc. PRAY.

Israel says:

John you are now like a fugitive becos of the way you run your mouth and couldnt control your tongue. This is not even about your party. It is about how you carried yourself in a dangerous game called politics. I wish you goodl uck. 4 years is a long time to be watching over your shoulders everyday. Even if they don’t jail you, you are practically a prisoner already. Free but hated, despised and damaged goods. Nobody will even want to do business with u for fear of the ruling govt thinking they sympathise with you. That’s the reality of African politics.

CL says:

I remember how this boy cheated women, maltreated women, wasted their years with false marriage promises, even recently deceived an alledged girlfriend who actually stood by him for 4 years and we all saw the cheque. All this is punishment oo John. Those women were probably good women with God on their side. Today look at you, you have lost everything including your career and integrity.
NOBODY IN GHANA will ever see you the same way again. I hope the v8 was worth it.

King Kweku Quincy says:

Ahh… Some Ghanaians can be annoying paa… This is rather unfortunate. So, John Dumelo’s political affiliation has now become a crime punishable by ridicule and refused service? Ghana is a democratic country with multiple parties. Everyone cannot be in one party. I am very sure that the fuel attendant chose to support NANA ADDO. Why can’t John support the President? I wish all NDC members will boycott that particular fuel station for their openly display of ignorance and their uncouth behavior towards John Dumelo. Smh!!

Senam says:

King, did any NDC member proclaim that Mahama can NEVER win the election the same way john proclaimed that Nana can NEVER be president of Ghana. I am pure NDC but even i saw this election was a very close call so we shouldn’t talk by heart or be wreckless. John was wreckless. If you think about it, could john not have delivered a very good message without calling NPP an acid and violent party? Especially since NDC has also had its share of violence too.
John brought this hatred on himself and I will not boycott that petrol station for John dumelo who is driving a free land cruiser V8 for talking wreckless with the other babies with sharp teeth instead of issue based analysis which all contributed and cost us NDC members the 2016 election.

Senam says:

Did any NPP member* (first line)

King Kweku Quincy says:

Ever heard of the phrase “politics is a dirty game? Take the U.S election for example. Mitt Romney called Donald Trump a con artist, racist bigot, unfit to be commander in chief, and some worst things you can think of. But guess what? Today he’s being considered for a secretary of state position in Trump’s administration. That’s what politics is all about. Ghanaians just don’t understand the meaning of democracy.

Juicenet says:

Yes is politricks but John should have show some dignity before calling npp and nana names. He had his choice but disrespecting my president was way out of his league. He has killed his career and I hope he comes out soon before people do worse things to him.

Adwoa says:

Hoh…let’s not even attempt to compare the USA election and campaign system to Ghana. That’s like comparing a crocodile to a wall gecko. In any case john had a choice to do clean politics or dirty politics. He picked the latter himself. Are u saying because I kill someone u will f00l!shly kill too because am ur opponent and i did it.? Cant you rather set a better exanple for dignity and for ur own career sake?. chale stop kraa. Nana is older than john’s father and john was mocking him? Nana never mocked John even once. That is the curse john is sufferring now.John blast and will suffer till 2020. Sw!ne. Next time too. #DontMessWithKarma #A$$kisserDumelo

Juicenet says:

Hehehehe John was very rude to the old man. I would have poured urine on his face if I were to be that guy. He needs to come out with a presentable apology letter before we accept him back.

Ghana Sankofa says:

Smart response. Small minds spewing irresponsible submissions somewhere. Thanks King.

Glory Glory says:

John I hate to tell you I told you so BUT I told you so! God be with you. If you think you are looking over your shoulder now, wait till Jan 7, 2017 and afterwards. I wouldn’t want to be you for the next for years.

Dembele says:

When u pronounce doom on someone’s future the way john did about Nana Addo and the presidency without knowing what God has planned for Ghana, john only invoked curses and difficulties on himself.
I knew the day john proclaimed boldly that Nana Addo can never be president that John was a childish inexperienced immature imbecile who doesn’t know politics is the biggest gamble in the world. Look at Donald Trump today. Did john not learn from that po?
By all means do politics if you want but do it wisely knowing very well you can lose. Don’t make comments as if you are god….that will even piss God off!

Juicenet says:

Yup I know if you disrespect an elder you invoke curses on your life. John needs to apologize and pray for forgiveness. From a high source nana has been winning the election from 2008 but due to their rigging and corruption, Ndc always has their ways. Am very upset but we need him to apologize if he wants to be considered a celebrity

Lady X says:

John is too proud to apologize. He is 2 sided. I know him personally cos i dated him. One side shows an innocent face to his fans as being all sweet, preaching from the bible and giving inspirational quotes on his social media which by the way he himself does not even practice or follow. He writes about respecting women but he respects none and takes advantage of ALL. The other side of John is wicked spirited, he feels superior with his fame, he is greedy, deceptive and his love for money is astonishing. So much that he will trick women with sweet words of love and marriage when he doesn’t mean it just to gain their trust and ultimately their money too becos he knows women are generous if they believe you are serious about them.
When you mock an elderly person like Nana Addo and he does not respond to you, it is a generational curse on your own head. Very soon restaurants won’t even serve john food or will spit in his drinks and food. Is this worth a V8, money and land. John Dumelo’s cup is full that’s all. #Telemo

Ghana Sankofa says:

Feeling bitter about something? Pray to God for relief not to vent your fury over silly political infantile irresponsible attack.

Telemo says:

Hahahahaha I wish I were there to film the whole thing. Next time the youth will learn that stomach politics is not the way to go.

Papaga Seckloawu Bless says:

But this is not fair at all! Is it a crime to support a political party ?

Emma Black says:

My dear pls it’s not because he supported NDC? We all supported a party and it’s our right. The problem is;
JOHN’s UTTRANCES, PROCLAMATIONS, INSULTS, INSINUATIONS, SUPERIORITY COMPLEX, ALLEGATIONS & DISGUSTING ARROGANCE towards NPP & Nana Addo who is even older than John’s own father! That is why john will suffer for 4 years and maybe even more if Nana wins again. #A$$kisser #ErrandBoy #NanaCanNeverBePresidentEh? See you today. You are finished in this Ghana.

Juicenet says:

I was waiting after the victory to curse him back. I couldn’t say much because weren’t too sure if their rigging was coming on again. Now that nana has won he should just come out and apologize period

Juicenet says:

Is not but John disrespected nana a lot. He was asked to tarnish him with a v8 and some land. He should have known this election was going to be intact with a powerful resource. He has killed his fame with his harsh words.

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