CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Rashida the Black Beauty As A Case Study—the Weak Morality Arguments Against the New Immoral World of Social Media #Malafaka

Rashida the Black Beauty

Rashida the Black Beauty

If any one person played an instrumental role in the creating of what many are describing as an “immoral monster”, Rashida the Black Beauty—then perhaps, I ought to be crucified for using GhanaCelebrities.Com for her creation.

I was one of the earliest people to post on Rashida the Black Beauty when her first viral video emerged online and GhanaCelebrities.Com was the first organised news platform to make a publication on her. With our huge following and her own attraction, she quickly became the talk of the Ghanaian social media landscape.

We didn’t publish just a single post about her video, we followed our initial post with photos of her, Kushman and even Abigail—aiding in the social media buzz. And then came her song plus the music video.

While I was offline, Rashida the Black Beauty has won a useless Jigwe award, a parody award scheme organised by a moribund TV station-Viasat 1.  

And some Ghanaian moralists on social media are upset, on the back of unfounded arguments that awarding a character like ‘Rashida the Black Beauty’ is a recipe for disaster.

These moralists are saying: several people have achieved a lot of meaningful things in 2016 and they ought to be awarded, yet, Rashida has walked over them with an award—as well as television appearances.

Apart from the fact that these people seem to miss the concept of Jigwe awards which is that it’s built on spoof/parody, they seem to be detached from the reality of contemporary social media—which for long has been defined by emptiness and offensive stupidity.

As a writer and web content creator, I used to find it worrying at some point that the most useless stuff or shallow articles get the most views and shares while the serious conversations or articles are totally ignored.

Rahida the Black Beauty

Rashida the Black Beauty

At first, I thought the intelligent people lived in a different web universe until I saw several of them sharing some of these shallow articles or useless contents—compelling me to re-examine my initial assumption.

Ultimately, I came to understand the phenomenon as this; a lot of people have serious stuff going on in their lives, most people are stressed by the realities of life and therefore, the web is some sort of an escape for them—a virtual world where they can find the silliness and laughter they miss in the lousy realm of reality.

The newsflash is, while some people seem entrenched in their moralist ways and have this notion of an utopian world, the real world is far from this—we now live in a fast lane world where being a conformist is ordinary, undeserving of any special attention.

Since the creation of Kim Kardashian on the back of p*rnography, we’ve come across several local and international viral stars such as the ‘Kpakpakpa man’, ‘Who Said Tweaa’ and more recently, Rashida the Black Beauty—whose claim to fame borders on gross shock and probably, innate stupidity.img_3500 img_3501

No one gives a hoot about the doctor saving lives in a remote part of Africa anymore—because that’s conforming to societal expectation. It’s when you dare to be different, either in a good or bad way, that you attract the attention of the busy eyes of social media users.

For me, the conversation shouldn’t be about where Rashida the Black Beauty is today but if she can make something worthy out of her undeserving fame and attention she has easily grabbed.

Kim Kardashian made it and so she can too.

The moral crusaders ought to understand that, this is not heaven or their utopian universe—this is where we are today; a chaotic world where only those who are able to jump off the straight queue gets noticed.

Then it’s up to these people to decide what else to do with the attention—thereafter.

Rashida the Black Beauty wouldn’t create more of her kind because anyone who tries to copy her wouldn’t sail through—it’s her unique way of being stupid that got her the attention and not just her stupidity.

Malafaka! Leave her alone!

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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Missy says:

looooooool ignorant? rdyour reply is awesome…..they suffer from…eh whats that word again…amnesia or? pls somebody help with the right wo

Nana Ama says:

Stup!d f00l, you want to explain what spoof means to me a PHD holder. You that ure hustling to get thru law school and also get your accent straight? Everytime you speak, I laugh becos u sound like a doorbell that’s running out of battery. Your arrogance is incredibly shocking. The fact that it is legal to marry at 16 doesn’t mean we are giving our children away at 16 into marriage. The fact that they can have $ex at 16 doesn’t mean spoof awards are appropriate to endorese $ex at 16.
I hope your daughters are chopped by half the age of 16. F00l, brick head and attention seeker. $wine

Charles Tetteh says:

Eii Nana Ama. PHD in what?

Maame b says:

Maybe Ph.D. In Internet comments. Mtvheww ahwenepa enkasa kraa

Indiria says:

The chamber of petroleum consumers should have gone after GC and the fake website he claims he stole the story about dumelo from about not being served petrol. Next time Chris will use his brain. How could you be so d@ft you didn’t even ask which station in east legon? It all shows that you have a personal agenda against dumelo. The same way you feel he is in NDC pocket, we also know u are in NPP pocket. Don’t give us that crap about how u don’t even vote and u don’t live in Ghana. Do you show us your account details when NPP transfers money to you. Malafaka diseased ugly roach like you with that backwards accent.
Let Rashida work for GC. F00lish F00l

Abdul Razaq says:

All hail perfect demi gods and goddess commentators on this website…You come here and write pretty lies abt ur daughters and want to make the whole world believe u are some sort of perfect parents…You can go on and say nasty things abt Rashida and Chris but until ur daughters come out as some highly achieving ladies of the land,U all just some bunch liars and ignorant pple who are just frustrated on how to raise ur daughters……..God be with u

gidy says:

abdul…. youv said it all… away…

Indiria says:

Another dumsor brain. On and off. F00ls

Indiria says:

What a pathetic comment from a clueless person. When did we say our daughters are perfect? We said we are trying hard to prevent them from unless exposure like rasida whom chris $yup!dly compared to Kim K. Nobody’s child is perfect but we do our best.
You are the frustrated one if you can’t train and protect your child. That’s all on you don’t bring ur frustrations on commentators who actually have 16 year old kids.
We are quite happy doing the best as parents and none of our children in secondary school and university have made such profane, bush and uncouth videos to go viral. Both you and Rashid can go work for Chris. You are as shallow as each other and will fit right into the $tup!dity box.

Missy says:

Loool so surprised of the comment I’m reading….I’m not not even taking this award seriously…has anybody seen the list of awards that’s was given outback to these so called celebrities 😂😂😂😂😂

Afua says:

LOL yeap I did.. Joselyn got an award for her a$$ and hips…I mean how? But I think ppl are peeved cos Rashida’s award was based on pure profanity and indecency which really we should not condone. At least joselyn is doing something with her life even if the hips propel her lol

Missy says:

lol yeh i get the point…but the category was viral something something……if something good will come out of this…they could use her to advocate for nettiquette, at least she made some people laugh…news these days arent pleasant so i guess a lil malafaka wont hurt…cos when it comes to profanity some of our politicians will take the lead…lol eij sister Jweslyn hips….i hope they are real …not lik kim ks bum

Kk says:

Chris, stop with your lies. You think you making up stuff automatically makes it the truth. The Jigwe Awards are not a “spoof” as your claim. For example, what is “spoof” or funny about Okyeame Kwame and his wife being crowned as the couple of the year, as they were awarded? Recently you stupidly posted another lie about the president of Crotia being the wife of the rapper Ice-T and you conveniently took it off your site when a commentor made you aware of your utter nonsense (instead of admitting your error and apologizing like a mature person). Yep, you didn’t think I or anyone noticed that, huh? You are nothing but a hack and a loser.

Outside de box says:

Instead of attaching Chris on this matter, why don’t you guys channel ur frustrations on the authorities who gave permission for the organization of such a useless awards ceremony to take place?

Lady X says:

Because that same award ceremony can be polished and upgraded if enough ppl express our disgust about certain awards issued. That’s why. We are not here to throw the baby and the dirty bathwater away.

Kwamina says:

Chris you shy yourself waa. Already you shy ur body with that big lie about dumelo and the nameless petrol station which u stole without verification. You are not a good journalist and your team is shallow too othetwise small background checks would been done and i am 100% you have dumelo’s number. You couldnt text or call to clarify. Shame on GC. Pls hire Rashida at GC to show your endorsement ok, she will fit right into ur inept team.

Dinnie says:

Ah Chris why do u like posting messages ppl send to you in confidence just to embarass them and put them on blast? I’ve noticed for a long time now, even when girls send you messages chatting u up norrr you put the msg on blast meanwhile nobody forced you to put your private number on your website. All serious businesses have office numbers but you the attention seeker put yours on blast then you cry foul and display it everytime a message you dont like is sent to u.
People pls be very careful texting chris, because he can just post ur message just to embarass you and to proof your point is wrong but his is always right. Smh….

Gameli says:

Yea that thing Chris does is not cool kraa. A girl says she wants to chat with you. You say you don’t have time yet you make time to go on your website, publish her entire screenshot and talk about her. Couldn’t u have used that energy to send the girl back a single message saying you are not interested. Or you want all of us to see girls are chasing ur ugly a$$. It’s only boys who don’t get attention who behave like that. Real men just disregard it. You are a pu$$y n!gg@.

Gifford says:

Am glad some ppl mentioned the dumelo ppetrol station which Chris has conveniently gone silent about since it was revealed it was a fake story and even worse chris just lifted it from an unknown website without even verifying or asking which petrol station. How $tup!d are you Chris.
You owe dumelo an apology but that stinking proud mouth of yours wont allow u. Just know your lies and skewed views will be your downfall, just mark it. Come and marry Rashida, she is just as raw and plain as the girl u are parading anyway. Clearly thats your type.

Ama says:

Duhhh is not a fake story please never believe anything John dumelo writes on his social media. The witness and the seller are coming out soon. John is a liar period

Eugene says:

Look At This f00l called Chris. I beg leave that woman u are chopping and come date Rashida if she is such ur role model to you. Ignoramus!
F00lish man. Your daughters will be chopped at 10 not even 16. Kwashiaa buulu
When u have a daughter then speak to parents about parenting but until then shut the F up.

Allan says:

Chris you are very wrong. Despite the language that this young women used. She made people laugh on social media. She got people engaged in conversations with others. On the other hand you have to look at her potentials of becoming somebody and perhaps helping our her family. Do you know what made Kim Kardashian Famous? She had balls in her mouth. But she has Millions of followers. Cmon buddy give Rashida a break and lets allow her to make something out of this. With maturity comes growth.

It seems you are agreeing with me and yet you say I am wrong!

Emma J says:

!do!t, he is not agreeing with you! He is telling you your comparison to Kim k was non fa becos this is not how kim became a power house. Why chris your head die too. Smh….or are u just narcissistic.

Telemo says:

Hahahaha herh… Emma you have blasted Chris ooo.
But Chris you F00l pass, the guy dey talk A and you dey talk B but you think he is agreeing with u? You are arrogant paaa. Now I see it.
You are really not intelligent too so u hide behind your blog and fake stories about ppl u have issues with like dumelo et al. Kai! You can only survive in london where u mingle with fellow low life ghanaians hustling just like you but you won’t last in Ghana. Brainless adult.

Papaga Seckloawu Bless says:

Leave her alone. Thumps up Chris. I thought you said you were on a writing break?

The Malafaka brought me back--I am going to my break now!

Boakye says:

Better disappear cos you are making a total mockery of yourself. I was already looking for you. if you can’t verify a story you stole from an unreliable website don’t publish it like you did in the dumelo petrol issue. You are even too proud to retract it and apologise to him. You are a mess of a big f00l, your are no journalist, your are just thirsty for attention and endorsing Rashida instead of saying “oh this girl made us laugh small so let me sponsor her to further her education”, you rather have the audacity to school us parents when your pr!ck has not produced one yet. Non Fa nkwaaa

George says:

He has this profound hatred for John Dumelo, i’m sure if he met him in the dark, he would stab him. You can’t help but notice a certain agenda and energy to run him to the ground and ruin him. It’s just shameful and pathetic . Why do you hate him so much Chris, is there anything you aren’t telling?

Ama says:

This article says rashida and not John dumelo. Everything posted about John dumelo is nothing but the truth. Why would Chris Hates him when anas himself did his little investigations on him? I think he’s being fair here. If there’s anything you should be concern of is the comments people throw at John when his articles is published. Chris say what it is and for the gas station am sure the owner or whoever witnessed I think anti lie over this. We all know John is a liar among his peer. No one believes him even if he’s saying the truth

Bismack says:

Chris are you normal? You talk like you haven’t taken a dunk today and so ure constipated. You are here supporting those viral videos eh? Why don’t you do something good and say you will sponsor the rest of her education so that she can speak better English and become someone great. The Kim Kardashian comparison is so $tup!d of you. Did you see any viral video of Kim throwing such profane language out at her ex boyfriends and getting any award for it. Sometimes I wonder if you and the whole GC sit on your brains to type.

Viv says:

Chris this one dieh you are totally wrong. You are not a parent so don’t venture into a territory you are clueless about until you walk in our shoes and find out due to exposure from Ghana celebrities at school while the parent was at work, the child now wonders about S€x at 16. It is not everything ur child will discuss with u as a parent especially the teens. You just have to do ur best to guide them so we don’t need f00ls like you Chris vincent to endorse the mediocre when we are training are kids for the best.

Nana Ama says:

a few seconds ago
Oh but Chris paa something which was never supposed to get any attention got attention. That was mistake number 1.
This girl is interviews and says she’s been having $ex since 16 and she finds it ok because 16 is Old. Mistake number 2
You Chris sitting there fu@k!ng ur chic can afford food for them if she gets pregnant.
Will you Chris leave London and come take care of rashida if she gets pregnant or worse contracts HIV? Did the breakup not happen becos the guy was sleeping with someone else? Have u asked yourself if they even used protection for all their sakes
Then mistake number 3, an award for malafaking what? You mentioned Kim Kardashian, let me teach you something boy, Kim got no award becos she had $ex at age 16 and had a viral video. Kim also went beyond JSS as we know it in Gh and she can speak fluent english which has made her an entrepreneur. Don’t confuse the two.

Papaga Seckloawu Bless says:

So if she were to be a uni graduate, speaking good English and then went viral with this Malafaka things and obviously wins this award, that make things ok abi.?

Nana Ama says:

First of all ask yourself if you have seen any university graduate postong this exact same thing before. Education is power, that’s your answer right there.
Education and positive exposure will lead you to do better things with ur life than malafaka videos. That’s why this award adds nothing to the youth in terms of motivation.

Nana Ama says:

Graduate posting**

Kwam 1 says:

I think you are wrong Chris, even her language is not appropriate,the messages she sent which went viral is not worthy of any kind of award not because we feel we are moralists but because we must reduce what you urself have described as stupidity amongst our your ladies. I have daughters, you Chris have none; so you don’t know how hard it is to teach them discipline, self respect and moral standards only for the same society to teach them that profanity is awardable. Get serious Chris if you don’t have kids, we do!

This is an award to reward useless stuff--so who should take that award? Is like receiving award for being the most ignorant fool.

If your daughters are going to get their teachings from online, then you should be imprisoned as a parent lol.

Because of your kids, others cannot live their lives? That some weak arguments!

Kwam 1 says:

Spoken like a true ignorant man with no child. You think you can monitor everything your kids see online? I didn’t know who this girl was until ur $tup@d website hyped her up. As for u if it is not spreading lies about someone then it’s comedy abi?
You ppl proudly announced the pregnancy of selly Galley at her wedding as if you impregnated her yourself only for the whole world to see its a false story (as usual). Just this week u said dumelo was stopped at a fuel station but u have not had the shame and decency to retract or apologise to him. you saw a story and run with it without thinking or verifying only becos it was about dumelo you favorite person. Are u bis*xual or something and he rejected you becos u sure are deeply personal when it comes to dumelo.
You yourself deserve a jigwe award for the most messed up blogger. What a piss taker you are. May your daughters grow and be known as Rashida 1, 2 and 3 for endorsing such nonsense!

Papaga Seckloawu Bless says:

Kwame, you’re simply not ready to see from Chris’ perspective.

We all understand what you’re saying but you seems to be talking like wiseacre!

Kwam 1 says:

Chris has his opinion and so do I but he loves to impose his own on others whether it is a false fabrication or true fact. That’s what many people hate about Chris. Look at his stance on religion yet tje hypocrit is posting about christmas. Do you know christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the same Jesus you proudly boast doesnt exist. I hate hypocrits.chris wants you to accept his point becos of what, he small stay abroad and his messed up “innit arish rish” accent? He has no child. On what authority can he give instructions or lay blame on how to train one. Do u know how hard it is to filter so much non$en$e away from them including some of the pure rubb!sh from this site. Don’t get me started kraaa

Charles Tetteh says:

Yeah…we know you have an opinion paaa. But chill small. You can talk about the issues at hand but I have realised that you only come to diss Chris. I don’t know what your motives are but do you get any satisfaction from what you do? You say the site is pure rubbish but you go round commenting on every story…interesting. By the way, the way u defend Dumelo on every page even though the story is not about him too…..(I won’t judge you with the bis*xual measure you used on Chris)…Just be careful. John is a liar. I knew him in KNUST.

Osagyefo says:

I also think chris has a secret man crush on dumelo thats why he is always on his @$$! The petrol station was such a low blow from GC. You f00ls didn’t even verify the name of the station so what kind of journalists (and I say journalist with a pinch of salt)
If you Chris are a closet bis*xual and dumelo rejected you, take it like that ok. You kraa when you talk LAFA sorrrrr….you think we havent noticed how u try too hard. Take a chill pill LOL

Filla Queen says:

Omg I remember the full blown article about selly galley with an arrow pointing to her belly by GC. It was as if Chris knew because he had impregnated her himself. All was a lie. Selly was not pregnant, just like dumelo was never refused fuel in any station.
Chris is a bitter miserable man, he couldn’t publish Giovanni’s picture becos Bola Ray feeds him Chris but he can mess with dumelo because dumelo has no time for Chris.
Chris you are going straight to h£ll, it’s not a curse, you yourself have publicly denied and insulted God so prepare for the fire.

Missy says:

Kwam i understand your worry…the whole malafaka is just entertainment..most entertainment news is just for fun not all is to be taken seriously…and we are all grown men and women and we are the main role models to our children, aside from the role models they end up choosing for themselves as they grow

..if your kids ever come accross such content on the internet then the question is how old are your children…if they are under age and are on social media then the question here again is how did they get the access to internet…of course one cant monitor their children 24/7 cant evn read their minds…ghanacelebrities isnt for children and that malafaka content isnt either…as active audiences we sould be able to tell from proper news and crappy news….and you are entitled to voice out your opinion on this case…its not everything i agree with ghanacelebrities but at the end of the day the guy is a blogger and you are an active audience but when it comes to media content and children you cant fight any of them…thats why there is age limit to all of them…most blog as i know of is and social media is 13yrs age limit, i personally think its too low…compared to malafaka, there are some media content and kids still get access to it …contents that are even worst…like p*rn…believe me you some kids have access to loads of contents out of curiosity…but as a parent all we have to do is to talk to our kids about such thing and let them understand that there are consequences…as of media contents we should start with our own movies…some parets dont follow the age ,limit policies at all…throwing insults on chris and ghana celebrities wont help…just be the best role model for ur children the best way you can

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