VIDEO: Fan Throws Egg At Mzbel During Performance In Belgium



Despite repeated insistence from the organisers that Mzbel was off the bill, the ’16 years’ singer performed at the end of year show in Gent, Belgium, except it did not go down so well for her.

During her the time for her performance, an egg was reportedly thrown at her by an irate fan, who was unhappy with something about the singer.

As to what exactly was the cause of this anger, it seem quite plausible that it would be related to politics (once again).

In a video posted online by one attendee, he talks about the incident, as the MC of the night could be heard calling for calm and condemning the incident.

Check video out below…

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Kwam 1 says:

GC are you not the same ppl that were pushing the agenda that Mzbel has been dropped from the belguim show? Are you NOT ashamed that she’s in Belgium and even performed regardless of this incident?
Chris Vincent you are an arrogant b@$tard who does not know how to retract or apologize to the celebrities and ppl your target when you are obviously proven wrong. That is going to be your pathetic downfall very very soon.
Learn to say please, thank you and sorry. They are very important you bu$h man. $tup!d f00li$h $w!ne like you.

Charles Tetteh says:

Aaba Kwam 1. Dis your agenda di33….so u go on every story Vincent writes and then throw insults at him. Vincent is arrogant…we all know that. But Kwam 1, or whoever is hiding behind that name…why do you go on someones blog to read every story he does and diss him…Is it that fulfilling? You could use all that time to do a blog of your own. Get a life, please.

Ama says:

Thank you was thinking if he earns something with his useless comments. At least Chris makes a lot with his blogs. Some people needs to think before commenting

Ama says:

Damn leave Chris alone if you’re heated with what he puts up then use the exit door please. You’re on someone’s blog and always talking craps like you’re some important person in here. Leave and don’t come back.

King Kweku Quincy says:

This incident is clearly politically motivated. You can’t tell some of us otherwise. NPP supporters are one of the most intolerant group of people wherever they are. Very shameful!!

Jeff says:

not all NPP Supporters

edyonce says:

u are an NDC. We all know. spare us your politically motivated thoughts

Linda says:

You can comment nicely and show some respect. Who’s more violent than Ndc who goes around in a motor cage just to kidnap people and kill them? I live in Ghana and from what we’ve seen Ndc people are bunch of criminals who attacks even the decent musicians who campaigned for Npp. Your mahama is a dead goat and a big failure in the whole west Africa planet. He went as far as killing an innocent young journalist just because they supported npp. Next time research a lot on Ndc before you comment trash. Mind you mzbel was very rude to our noble president who’s in to deliver. She deserves what she’s getting maybe a simple apology letter will save her from this shame. You shouldn’t write without any proper evidence. At least npp is the best party ever kuffour should tell you a lot. Your JJ, mills and the dead goat mahama were all criminals and failures. Think of a better Ghana as a whole and vote wisely next time. If you really love your nation then you would give credit to kuffour for putting kids in school, free meals and also free transportation. What did nurses and trained professionals get in the hands of dead goat mahama? Nothing but jobless and cut off bonus. Without a teacher would mahama have become a president or even a vice? Think deep as a better citizen and stop this political war. You’re comment to me is very disrespectful was expecting something sensible from you.

Ama says:

You couldn’t have said it better. I was in Ghana when kuffour was the president. Everything was very smooth from elementary school to tertiary. We had great and clean hostels with ok student loans allowance. Mahama treating students as prisoners. I just don’t know who in heir right mind would support such a dead goat. Mahama came to destroy our peaceful nation but God has intervened with his appointed man nana Addo.

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