NEW MUSIC: Sarkodie Sings The Praises Of His Love Tracy In ‘Just In Case’


Sarkodie and his lovely partner Tracy have been hogging the headlines after their extraordinarily public show of affection pulled on the nation’s heartstrings.

Sarkodie, to celebrate Tracy this New Year, released a single all in her honour – ‘Just In Case’.

The single features Master Kraft.

Listen below…

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Susie White says:

Juicenet that is a wonderful comment and what I have been saying. Marriage is not just a piece of paper- there are so many benefits attached to it legal social and otherwise. If Sark leaves her now now Tracy is not even entitled to a pin.

Knowing the security attached to marriage & the stigma attached to unwed mothers in our society, how can Sarkodie date her for a decade with not much even common “engagement”? I love you no be mouth. His actions prove he doesn’t really love her and even if he does marry her eventually due to pressure, he would already have embarrassed her & made her look like a desperado

Juicenet says:

Am glad there’re still wise folks in here. Haven’t heard or seen some one who doesn’t want to settle down. He doesn’t love her and is a fact, she’s trying to fool fans but doesn’t know she’s the one fooling herself. Every lady at her age want to stay married especially now that there’s a child involved. She cries deep inside her daily just for a common engagement ring but wakes up with none. This is common sense, that pregnancy was a trap to keep sark but still no moves. I don’t see any achievement about a 10year relationship. 10 year should have turned into marriage by now🙄

Susie White says:

My dear, you are absolutely right on all you’ve said. I guess people are just blinded by his fame so they can’t be objective. If Sark was a regular dude walking around Accra people would call him all sorts of names including ‘irresponsible’ for doing this to someone’s daughter. As you said she’s just putting on a happy face but this must hurt a lot especially with the daily rumors of him cheating etc. I can’t believe people keep holding them up as some golden example of relationships. Are they saying they will be happy if their sisters are impregnated with no marriage? Tofiakwa. This is not the standard I will promote to my daughter o

Juicenet says:

I hate to hear the term ” they look cute together, they’ve done so well, what have they achieved by sleeping together for 10 good years. He’s cheating and I promise you sark might come out with a new chic as wife. This girl should start praying to God for his favor else the wifey titled might go to another woman. Smh

KA NE WU says:


Paa kwesi says:

Hahahaha is it because you’re still single? 😜 In Africa is all about marriage shame on you 😂. Am a male and I believe in marriage I tied the knot at the age of 30 and still happy. Don’t worry your time will come wai.

Susie White says:

Well done Papa. I don’t know any responsible man in Africa or elsewhere who will date a woman for ten good years and even impregnate her with no marriage. Seriously even in the US and Europe women are typically advised to move on if a guy hasn’t popped the question after being together for years. In any case, even among abrofo you don’t see guys boldly impregnating women out of wedlock & not marrying them except mostly these clueless celebrities and low income people living in ghettos

Paa kwesi says:

My dear marriage is full of blessings. Ever since I met my beautiful wife, I have received a double portion of martial blessings. Sarkodie is telling the girl something but she’s ignoring it. He doesn’t want to stay committed anymore but can’t voice out. Am a man and I know this for sure.

Susie White says:

wow may God bless your marriage and keep it up. There is nothing more honorable than seeing a happy family and a man who cherishes his marriage. eissh it is serious o, so as a man you can even see this. hmmm this is too painful. he should just do the honorable thing despite it all

Juicenet says:

Awwww I’ve never witnessed this from any guy before, you’re indeed a man of true substance. Kudos to you for honoring your marital goals.

Juicenet says:

Not necessary. We are tired of you two still staying in that relationship. Respect her enough by walking her to the aisle or better still let her go before wasting her time. He’s fooling the girl and from her facial expressions doesn’t look happy one bit. Sounding from a experience I know it when a chic is happy and not. Who will commit herself for 10 years and still stay in the name of fame? Am not getting this, Tracy act fast before moesha lol big booty grab sarkodie for you. Let’s be real here, he doesn’t love her and can’t tell her. He’s only hanging in because of what they shared in the past. He’s trying to be grateful. Girl is about time you get that wedding ring or cut him off.

Akuaba says:

Relationship goals

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